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Former advisor to the Royal Family, Bonnie Brownlee, dishes on the upcoming Royal Wedding

By Lindsay Zier-Vogel, CTV.ca

In anticipation of the Royal Wedding, the former advisor to the Royal Family, Bonnie Brownlee joins Marilyn to dish on the lives of the royals…and reveals that Prince William is not planning on wearing a wedding band.

“Some men just don’t like jewelry,” says Brownlee, noting that Will’s father Prince Phillip also doesn’t wear a wedding ring.

“Prince William isn’t very flashy,” she says and adds that other than the occasional watch, William usually only sports his military medals. You can be assured, however, Kate, will be wearing royal jewelry!

From launching their own wedding website so they can control their own story, to engaging with their audiences, Brownlee loves that Will and Kate have taken a fresh approach to their very public role. “They’re young, they’re youthful. They have a new way about them,” she says.

And Brownlee believes Will is passionate about carrying his grandmother’s legacy. “And he’s taking it very seriously,” she adds.

Though it seems bizarre that Will and Kate won’t be moving into a palace after their wedding, Brownlee believes it’s a good thing that they’ll be living together, even if may be on an air force base in Wales.

“When Sarah Ferguson married Prince Andrew, she saw him 40 days a year for five years,” Brownlee notes because Andrew lived on an air force base.

“They were pretty much left on their own,” she says about Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson. “It was a lonely existence.”

Brownlee notes how close William and Harry are, and says that at the wedding Prince Harry will mostly likely embarrass his brother. “Count on it…He’s going to have a field day!”

After the reception, the Royals are having an intimate 300-person dinner. “And that’s where Harry’s really going to take a piece out of his brother,” Brownlee smiles.

Friday, April 8, 2011

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A day in the life of the Royals

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