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Gifts for your Valentine

Stylist, Peter Papapetrou, showcases presents for not only your sweetie, but for all your loved ones

Lovingly Crafted Meals

DIY expert, Tara Ballantyne, breaks down healthy and heart conscious menu ideas for a beautiful Valentine’s Day meal

Arrange Breakfast in Bed

Designer, Michael Penney, shows us how to create a romantic and comfortable setup

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Relationship expert, Ashley Howe reveals couples gifts for creating a romantic mood just in time for Valentine’s Day

Message in Cookie

Allyson Bobbitt from “Bobbette and Belle” makes a spin on a fortune cookie with a sweet message hidden inside

Not Even Newlyweds

Six of our experts get to know each other off the clock, then play a game to try and remember their partner’s preferences

Crowning the Un-Couple

Our experts re-group for round two of the Not Even Newlyweds game to see which pair will take home the title

Hot Valentine's Day Headlines

Panelists Jully Black, Traci Melchor and Tracey Bregman chat about Valentine's Day

The Valentine's Day Panel

Tracey Bregman, Jully Black and Traci Melchor share viewer's best Valentine's Day stories

Our Experts Play The Not So Newlywed Game

Bryce Wylde, Sebsatien Centner and Owen Reeves battle to see which couple knows the most about their significant other

Final Round of The Not So Newlywed Game

The couple that knows the most about each other wins the game

Family Friendly Valentine's Day Dinner

Chef David Rocco makes a family meal with some extra libido boosting foods for mom and dad’s dinner

What to Buy Her This Valentine's Day

Beauty expert Chantel Guertin has Valentine's Day present ideas for women

What to Buy Your Man for Valentine’s Day

Beauty expert Chantel Guertin has the best Valentine's Day gift ideas for men

Single's Survival Guide for Valentine's Day

Relationship therapist, Ashley Howe, shows us how to celebrate being single on Valentine's Day