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Jill's Packing Tips for the Family Roadtrip

Jill Pollack
Professional Organizer & host of "Consumed"

1.  Pack heaviest items as far forward as possible and keep them low in the storage area.  The object is to keep the vehicle's center of gravity as close to the ground as possible, minimizing stress directly over the wheels and keeping the vehicle from being too top heavy which affect mobility and increases risk of tipping.

2.  Make sure to give your vehicle a thorough pre-trip check up.  Double check tires, fluid levels, break pads, and change the oil.  Make sure your auto club membership is current.  You know what they say:  an ounce of prevention...

3.  Maintain the snack bin.  Make sure you have good grab and go items like pretzels, nuts and dried fruits like raisons and mango.  Make sure your juice boxes have straws.  A great tip is to freeze certain beverages in advance to keep them cold and chill other items around them.

4. Keep the swimming gear in a separate leak proof container.  Bathing suits, suntan lotion, swim tops, swim shoes, floaty devices.  This way you can bring it in to the hotel/ swim area without rummaging through suitcases.  Include plastic bags for wet and sandy items.

5.  Keep a throw up container within easy reach and include wet wipes, paper towels and garbage bags.  Just like good insurance.  You hope you never need it but it's important to know you have it available.

6. Have garbage receptacles that everyone can reach.  Put them on the back of seats so the children can be responsible for keeping the car clean.

7.  Make a separate container for all electronic cords and adapters.  That way you can just grab it and head in to the hotel/ lodging for the night and you don't have to look for a charger in 10 different places.  Waterproof an iPad by using a gallon ziplock bag.  

Luggage Provied By:

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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Road Trip Packing Tips

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Mon 23 Cheesy comfort food & decadent chocolate dessert with Vanessa Gianfrancesco