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Get Travel Upgrades

Travel expert, Christal Agostino, reveals the secrets to getting the most out of your flight

Pack like A Pro

Stylist, Alexis Honce, chats about travel essentials and shows us how to efficiently pack our bags

Your Holiday Travel Guide

Travel expert, Christal Agostino, ensures your holiday jaunt goes as smoothly as possible with insider advice

Victoria's Haunted History

Design expert, Amanda Forrest, takes us on a tour of Victoria, BC revealing some of its horror-ific secrets

Niagara Wine Tour

Take a look at one of Marilyn’s favourite fall destinations

Calgary Stampede Kicks Off

Highlight from last year’s stampede and a check-in on this year’s opening parade

Marilyn’s Summer Vacation: Gone Fishing

Marilyn invites us on her cottage adventure with her friends, Chef Lynn Crawford and design expert Tommy Smythe, where they embark on a forgettable fishing trip

Marilyn’s Summer Vacation: The Cottage Life

Marilyn and friends, Chef Lynn Crawford and design expert Tommy Smythe, stomp their way to a glass of wine and a delicious meal

Travel Etiquette

Charles the Butler discusses the dos and don’ts of air travel that will take you around the world

Packing Pointers

Charles the Butler shares his top tips for space saving and effective packing

Better Service Karma

Celebrity concierge, Michael Fazio outlines his five step plan to guarantee the best customer service by being a great guest in return

Marilyn's Jasper Trip

Marilyn and her son, Adam, embark on an adventure of a lifetime

Holiday Travel Tips

Travel expert, Pauline Frommer, shares ways to stay sane during your Christmas vacation

Stress Free Travel Tips

Pauline Frommer, editorial director of “Frommer Guidebooks,” breaks down the steps to avoid unexpected travel blunders

Ticket to Spain Winner

The lucky viewer of a trip to Madrid, Spain is announced