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Dining Room Duel

Two viewers faceoff in a showdown to see who can create the coziest Thanksgiving dining room. Plus, designer, Tommy Smythe, shares holiday hosting tips

Up-and-Coming Dinner Diva

The first competitor showcases her festive dining room spread and the judges get a sample of her twist on a traditional dessert

The Veteran Party Hostess

It’s competitor two’s turn to walk us through her Thanksgiving décor while the judges taste her signature cookie

Crowning the Thanksgiving Queen

With the judges wowed it’s time to name the winner of the Thanksgiving Dining Room Duel

Trim the Fat from Thanksgiving

Celebrity chef, Rocco DiSpirito, shares his skinny Thanksgiving recipes for a meal that’s all flavour, but half the fat

Fast Food Fixes

Celebrity chef, Rocco DiSpirito, shows us how to rescue dish disasters, from lumpy gravy to a dry bird

Thanksgiving Etiquette

Charles the Butler answers all your festive season related questions

Skinny Apple Cake

Daphne Oz discusses her new life milestone and shares the recipe for her guilt-free holiday dessert

French Canadian Tourtière

Chef Shannon shows us how to make a delicious alternative to the traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner

The 411 on Thanksgiving Dinner

Chef Christine Cushing shares her Thanksgiving timeline, from morning to dinner time, and her classic turkey with gravy recipe

Simple Thanksgiving Sides

Chef Christine Cushing makes a homemade stuffing and a spinach salad, super simple sides that are sure to be crowd pleasers

Maximize Space for Thanksgiving Dinner

Home & design expert, Ramsin Khachi, offers up space maximizing tips for hosting a memorable Thanksgiving dinner

Pumpkin-Ricotta Cheesecake

Chef Christine Cushing shares her twist on a classic Thanksgiving desserts when she whips up a pumpkin-ricotta cheesecake

Thanksgiving Dinner is Served

Our experts enjoy the fruits of their labour and have a pre-Thanksgiving celebration

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Centrepieces

Florist, Alison Westlake, shows us three different Thanksgiving arrangements that will add to your festivities

Alternative Thanksgiving Food Options

Entertaining expert, Sebastien Centner, offers up turkey alternatives for your Thanksgiving menu

Decorating the Family Room for Thanksgiving

Design expert, Michael Penney, warms up your family room for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Resident chef, Christine Cushing, takes Thanksgiving leftovers and turns them into a classic open-faced sandwich

Turkey and Lentil Soup

Christine Cushing shows us how to use every part of your Thanksgiving bird when she makes a turkey lentil soup

Be Thankful Everyday

Relationship therapist, Ashley Howe, talks about how to be thankful not only on Thanksgiving but everyday

Thank-you Cards

Charles the Butler teaches us the proper way to write a thank-you card

What are you Thankful for?

The experts reveal what they are grateful for this Thanksgiving

Pumpkin Spice Creme Brulee

Resident chef, Christine Cushing, ends her easiest Thanksgiving ever with a quick dessert for a sweet ending

Creating Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Style at Home’s Tara Ballantyne creates easy and unique Thanksgiving centerpieces