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Get Cyber Safe

It’s important that we educate ourselves about online identity thieft and be cautious in the ways we share our personal information.
If your identity is stolen someone can use your information like your credit card information and make purchases online. They can even go as far as using it to apply for another credit card that you don’t even know exists which can affect your credit score.

What to Look Out for:


An example of phishing can be email pretending to be from your financial institution. They will request your personal information, do not provide it. It is highly unlikely your bank would ask you to send them personal information through email. Your financial institution  would not send an email asking for personal information.
Spoofing: An online method where someone creates a website that looks legitimate but is actually not. These are people who are replicating an official website but the services or business do not actually exist. Take a look around and do your research if you are unsure about the site.

Protecting your Identity

Make sure you only visit websites that you trust
Do not do your banking in a public place where they have Wi-Fi, do your banking at home on a secure network
Never sand personal information viva email (social insurance number, credit card information etc) protect this information because that is truly your identity.

Protecting yourself on your Mobile Devices

Use auto lock because if you lose your phone and if it is unlocked it can be easy for someone who finds it to get personal information off it. There are a lot of great apps out there that will allow you to ease information off your phone, which means you can remotely erase your information.
 For more information visit getcybersafe.ca

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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