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Fri 20 Must-have drugstore makeup products under $10

Smart apps to simplify your life

Are smartphones just for busy executives and red carpet celebrities? Our expert says that Moms are the ones who need a smartphone most of all - not just for themselves, but for their children as well.  Kathy Buckworth, author of The BlackBerry Diaries, liked her smartphone so much she wrote a book about it. And its just gotten better from there. Find out why its the best organizational and functional tool a Mom can have.

Here are a few apps to get you started.

Remember the MILK

1.  Task Manager
2.  Enter your daily to-do’s through the website. Automatically syncs to your smartphone.
3.  The coolest part is it will send you reminders, however you choose. Via email or text message.
4.  Best of all.. it’s FREE.


1. A perfect quick search of grocery stores, and using GPS technology, YELP shows the closest to you.
2. They’re all PEER REVIEWED. 
3. The REAL time saver. press a button and it gives EXACT DIRECTIONS from your location.
4. This is useful for shopping, eating out, hotels.. you name it. Hugely helpful travel companion.


Mint is a full service financial manager, only came available in Canada in the last two months. Launched December 1st. Hugely popular in the US. It supports all major Canadian financial institutions and takes bank information, bill information, creates budgets, tracks spending, shows balances, manages all in one place. Accessible by mobile. www.mint.com

FINALLY... You’re in the shoe store.. really want to try on those shoes.. toddler is going nuts. Here’s where the smartphone is HUGELY helpful... it entertains your kids.
TONS of kids apps but my favourite...  KIBOOMU 

Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2011

Coming Up

Fri 20 Must-have drugstore makeup products under $10