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Green your home with Donna Bishop

Donna's Spring Greening Guide



DITCH the PVC. Get rid of that old shower curtain & kid’s toys and replace with PEVA & bath toys made from natural materials.

PVC is nasty - off-gases phthalates; chemical fungicides are often added to make it more resilient AND it still gets disgusting. So we throw it out where it will last forever in landfill. Yuck!!!
PEVA or polyethylene vinyl acetate is biodegradable, PVC-free, non-chlorine material used as a PVC alternative in toy products and shower curtain curtains. 
While PEVA is way better than PVC it is not perfect. It is still a petrochemical product. Fabric options are also out there, but if you want that vinyl feel this is the best option
Loads of great kids toys made from recycled plastics that are Phthalate free or wood.


Reduce your WATER CONSUMPTION - 65% of household water use comes from the bathroom
REDUCE your WATER CONSUMPTION the easy way... Low flow shower heads & aerators for
taps will use only less than 11 litres of water per minute (as opposed to 20 -
30 litres for standard heads). This will save you bucks on not only your water
bill but your heating bill too (better to heat 11 litres of water a minute than
30). The one we installed for Tessa and Mark is under 6 liters per min. It will
say on the package and in the teeniest type ever on the shower head itself what
the LPM is (litres per minute)
Low flow toilets are high performance wonders saving $100 per year on your bill and at least 13 litres of water per flush
Dual flush are the most efficient option. 
Check your loo at home. It will also say LPF (litres per flush) so you know what you are working with


CAN the TOXINS. Make a commitment to choose organic body care products. Usually comparably priced, and remember, what goes ON your body goes IN your body… Consonant body care products
Ditch the toxic cleaners. We are cleaning, not sterilizing for surgery.They are a key cause to indoor air pollution; they irritate our skin and contaminant our waterway. Yuck. I am no DIY girl but this is where I will dabble. Simplest, cleanest, super effective household cleaning -- vinegar and baking soda (add some essential oil to equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Oils will mask the vinegar smell) AND this is super cheap. 
This also applies to textiles. We finished Tessa and Mark’s bathroom with
organic towels, part of the Whole Home line, from SEARS.


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Fri 24 Fab Finds Flash Sale with Alexis Honce