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Home Renovations

Hiring For The Home

Our resident home improvement experts are sharing their knowledge to help us all hire contractors, designers, and more!

Web Exclusive! Home Reno Q & A session with Marilyn's Home Experts!

Ramsin Khachi, Sarah Daniels, Owen Reeves, and Charles The Butler tackle viewers pressing home reno questions

Scott McGillivray Tackles Viewer Reno Questions

Real estate expert Scott McGillivray answers viewers' burning reno questions

Your Reno Questions Answered

The Property Brothers answer viewers' burning questions about home renos

Simple Ways to Revamp Your Rental Space

Home and design expert Ramsin Khachi reveals what you can do in a rental space to add big impact that’s easily reversible

Ramsin Khachi Transforms a Family Room for Just $500

Ramsin Khachi shares his tips on budget-friendly renovations and reveals how he transformed a viewer’s family room

Design Experts Kasia and Aly take the 'Client Chaos' Challenge

Design experts Kasia Waloszczyk and Aly Velji compete to design two beautiful spaces in just 40 minutes

HGTV’s Cousins cut ties in our Battle of the Experts

Cousins Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri compete to come up with the best design solution for three viewers

Create Your Own Bathroom Spa

Ramsin Khachi shows Marilyn everything you need to create an inviting spa atmosphere in your own bathroom

Reno Tips from the 'Masters of Flip'

The Masters of Flip, Kortney and Dave Wilson, discuss their top flips and share examples of where they were able to salvage and save

Open the Décor Possibilities with Interior Doors!

Designer Glen Peloso shares a few tricks to adding that wow factor to your ordinary interior doors

Simple Home Maintenance Tips to Save You Money

Home and design expert Ramsin Khachi shares simple maintenance tips for your everyday appliances that will help you save money in the long run

Glen Peloso helps Chef Lynn Crawford Create her Dream Kitchen

Chef Lynn Crawford hires design expert Glen Peloso to help her create the chef’s kitchen of her dreams

Chef Lynn Crawford Reveals her Brand New Kitchen

Chef Lynn Crawford reveals her kitchen-basement renovation, and shares her go-to recipes for entertaining

How to Score a Home Media Room

Home and design expert Ramsin Khachi reveals how to score a home media room perfect for the big game