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Home Renovations

Renovation Inspiration

The 'Property Brothers,' Drew and Jonathan Scott share expert advice with viewers in a reno dilemma

Weekend-long DIY Renos

The 'Property Brothers,' Drew and Jonathan Scott break down how to re-do your baseboards, backsplash and cabinets!

Ramsin’s Hardwork

Home and design expert, Ramsin Khachi, gives us a look at some of his enviable work and how to update an old coffee table

Finishing a Disaster Kitchen Reno

Interior designer, Cheryl Torrenueva, and contractor, Jeremy MacPherson, makeover a kitchen for a couple who’ve been waiting five years to see it finished

Ideas for Cabinetry Updates

Contractor, Jeremy MacPherson, shares inspiration for your next fixture makeover

Disaster Kitchen Reno Reveal

Find out how Suzanne and Mark feel about their new country bistro-style kitchen

Bryan Baeumler's Top DIY Blunders

Bryan Baeumler from ‘Leave It To Bryan’ reveals the most common mistakes homeowners make and how to fix them

Home Changes that Save Money

Home and design expert, Ramsin Khachi, showcases money saving updates for your home

Renos for Increased Value

Financial blogger, Tiffany Heimpel, reveals small, inexpensive renos with a big return

How to Reno over Time

Real estate expert, Scott McGillivray, explains where to start when renovating more than one area in your home

DIY or Call a Pro?

Home and design expert, Ramsin Khachi, breaks down reno DIYs to save money and how to know when to call a pro

Renovating from the Ground Up

Host of “Tackle My Reno,” Sebastian Clovis, talks about renovating from scratch

360º Kitchen Renovations

Designer, Glen Peloso, reveals some of his transformation masterpieces

Revamping the Wine Rack

Home and design expert, Ramsin Khachi, shows us his latest reno project and fresh ways to store your favourite vintages

Sebastian Clovis’ Fave Products

The host of ‘Tackle My Reno,’ showcases his most memorable renos and what he used to make them all happen