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Social Media vs Social Graces

Amber MacArthur and Charles The Butler face off to debate the merits of social media, vs more personal interations like hand written notes. Each method has its place, but if you want to find out if you're using the appropriate communication for your situations, check out what our experts have to say!

If you're intested in checking out any of the apps that Amber mentioned in the show, you can find more info below.

Punchbowl app for iOS, Free - Easily create and send invitaions with Punchbowl!
Cluster, iOS and Android, Free - Cluster makes it possible to create private groups where you can share moments through photos, notes and videos with a select group of friends or family. 
Flavours.Me, Free - Create a beautiful site to house all of your social media accouts, photos, and even resume, all in one place! 
Bumble App, for iOS and Android, Free -  Bumble isn't just a dating dite, although it was created by one of the creators of TInder, but you can meet people with similar interests, find friends, and even network.

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Monday, May2, 2016

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Fri 31 Innovative new charcoal beauty products