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How to Talk to a Guy

Instead of taking on the entire topic of how and where to meet men take Matthew Hussey’s crash course.

Don’t be nervous about approaching a guy, most of the time people they’ll be flattered to be approached. Then, if they want to turn you down they’ll do it in a pleasant way and you can move on.

Remember the “Elevator Moment”
It’s that moment when you instantly regret walking away from an opportunity. Seize the opportunity to meet someone; the pain of rejection pales in comparison to the pain of regret. Even if you become friends you’ll meet his network, and he may know of someone that would be a good match for you.

The problem is that people are so busy trying to meet “The One” that they don’t meet anyone. If you wait to talk to the one guy in the room that you’re attracted to will end up a bag of nerves and won’t be the person that you want to be. Try being social with everybody, you go out and you be flirtatious. If you aren’t flirtatious on the weekdays how will you be flirty on the weekend? You need to practice!

To keep you on a guys good side Matthew Hussey shared a few things you should never bring up as well as a few of the things you should definitely mention.

Never bring up…

Body Image and Age Insecurities
While these are common, it’s a mistake to bring them up to a man. When you mention “I hate my hips!” a guy will automatically look at them and start thinking about them, even if he didn’t in the first place. Moving his hand when he touches a problem area just brings more attention to that insecurity.

That you don’t get out much
It’s one thing to be the person who enjoys quiets nights in, but when you stress the fact that you do nothing but work you become very one dimensional. Attraction is multi-dimensional so you need things to talk about which new experiences, interests and activities provide.

Negative generalizations about men
Just forget the phrases “All men are liars or cheats or just want casual relationships.” Once he hears that every guy you’ve been with has cheated on you he’ll think that there must be something wrong with YOU, not the guys. Remember he’s a guy and he knows guys, he’s going to wonder why it’s your pattern.

Three compliments for a guy...

“You’re such a guy!”
What guy doesn’t want to feel manlier and be recognized for it? Even if you don’t mean this as a compliment it is one, because it affirms his masculinity and makes him feel special.

“I’m impressed.”
The key with this compliment is to be authentic, and really mean it. If you’re talking about it in connection to his passion and how hard he’s work toward it then he’s going to really appreciate that you recognize his hard work. Men crave women’s validation, that’s why they tell you so many things. This compliment shows him that you think he’s awesome and that you see his uniqueness.

“You would be great at…”
By suggesting something that you think he would excel at it shows that you really know him and see his potential.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


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Mon 27 Tommy Smythe shares the classic partyware that’s making a comeback
Tue 28 Strange but delicious food pairings with Chef Rodney Bowers