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Get to Texting

Everyone is constantly on their phones these days texting and more. Take advantage of the opportunity with some of Matthew Hussey’s texting tips.

Making the connection

  1. Don’t make absolute remarks about texting, like “I don’t text” that’s weird. Everyone texts and that won’t make him want to call you any more.
  2. Encourage home towards a phone call and away from text by sending him a message like, “I miss your sexy voice.” He’ll more likely enjoy talking to you if he knows that you like the way he speaks.
  3. Guys need to learn that picking up the phone is a great way to stand out because few people do it anymore. Make him more aware of this with the statement “I think it’s so hot when a guy picks up the phone!”

What to do when he’s being distant, unresponsive or cold

Try this; around 9pm send him a messaged that says “I’m at this jazz bar, the music’s great. I think you should come.”
You are giving him a reason why you want him there (the music) and by eliminating questions you show certainty (an attractive quality). There’s no risk involved because you aren’t inviting him anywhere or asking him anything, merely stating a fact. Chances are that he won’t be able to join you but it gives him the opportunity to ask you there at a later date.

Who texts who after a good date?

Don’t be concerted with who texts who. Just be certain and confident if you are the one sending the text. They should give value not take value; try sending them something like a funny picture.

The sexiest thing a woman can do

Show that you think he is attractive without any immediate action. Next time you see a good looking guy walk up to him confidently and say “You’re cute, I just think you should know” then turn away. You’ve now got him in analysis mode and he won’t be able to stop thinking about you. Intrigue is the basis of attraction.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


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Mon 27 Marilyn's All-Star Kitchen
Tue 28 Dutch Pancakes with Lynn Crawford