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“Get the Guy”

Dating expert and best selling author, Matthew Hussey knows a thing or two about dating. The author of “Get the Guy” co-hosts the show and shares insight into the male mind; he’s got dating tips, answers to your awkward questions, and much more.

Where do you meet the guy? That mythical zip code, that bar, gym or restaurant where all the single guys are hanging out doesn’t actually exist, sorry ladies. Instead start thinking about HOW you meet guys. You do need to go out to do so, but start visiting locales outside your normal stomping grounds.

Think of yourself as flame, not the moth
A moth is a person who just bumps into others and partakes in random encounters that may or may not lead to a relationship. Whereas, the flame person attracts people by building a lifestyle around a place or activity that involves others. For example, a flame person not only joins a gym, but also attends group classes, especially those in which men participate. The moth person may start conversation with others, but because it’s a random chance they only have one opportunity to ask the other out.

Be a woman of high value
Knowing that we have value, whether it’s with core confidence or feeling your own self worth, is important to a relationship. Package yourself in a way that’s high value and be able to sell that to others, especially a potential mate. One of the greatest attributes of a mate is an individual with standards. Someone who isn’t afraid to stand of for what they want; women are good at this… until they meet a guy they like. Many women will lets their standards bend for a guy their attracted to. Instead of making him want you more he actually respects you less.

Dating can be awkward! Meeting new people can be hard for some, especially those who are shy. Dating expert, Matthew Hussey advises one such viewer on how to person herself out there.

“How can I overcome my shyness and be able to flirt without coming across as awkward?”
The intent upon meeting someone is to have a great conversation. This can be done in any environment by making an observation and moving from there. In a bar make three observations about the room, they can be absolutely anything. Then while your lining up for a drink and see someone you would like to talk to bring it up. For example, saying “it’s so busy in here!” gives him permission to talk because you are initiating. And never underestimate the power of touch. Even a light touch on the shoulder or arm while making a statement assumes familiarity and breeds interest.

  • Start quickly the moment you walk through the door of a bar or club. Start looking for people to talk to and strike up conversation immediately.
  • Don’t be passive. People won’t approach if you’re deep in conversation with friends, or reading by yourself in a coffee shop, they don’t want to be rude and interrupt.
  • Women are each other’s worst enemies. We don’t tell each other the truth, because we can about each other and don’t want to be mean. Sometimes we may not see the fault, in ourselves or others, because we are too close to that person.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


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Tue 23 Easy, distressing techniques to give your space a chic & relaxed vibe
Wed 24 The latest products to help keep you safe at home