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Valentines Day Gift Guide

A Vase Filled with Personal Love Notes

Instead of filling a vase with flowers that may be dead in a week, give a vase full of meaning that will never die, and will never go out of style! Take little pieces of paper and on each one write a great memory, a loving thought, and secret etc about your loved one or your relationship and fill the vase with those pieces of paper. Tie a bow around the vase, and your partner will have something new to “open” each day, from the vase, from you! So, if you write 100 different thoughts in the vase, that’s 100 days your loved one can read, and feel the love from you! A great FREE gift option as we all have a vase in our house (or you can buy a really special one).

Nutshell Cards


Between $15 & $20

  • Occasion tins, 10 cards & envelopes
  • Couples tins, 15 cards & envelopes
  • Mixed Nuts, 18 pack

These are great as everyday expressions of love and extend the “valentines card” or greetings to everyday or everyplace. Cute sayings that tell your partner, in a nutshell, that you love them and are thinking of them! I love this, because as a therapist I know that romance and love does not always come in grand gestures once a year, but instead with everyday, small acts that show care and love. THIS is what makes a successful relationship! So, these cards are a good tool to start “doing the loving thoughts” in small ways, every day! Not just Valentines Day…but, Valentines Day is great day to start!

Love Book Online


This gift is great because it helps to kick start your creative process by giving you options, templates, and ideas to create a real love book (also a gift you can keep forever), that tells the story of your personal and intimate relationship with your partner. So, it brings out your inner artist and inner story teller by helping you along the way with ideas and pictures to tell your personal love story. I believe that we ALL think and remember in STORIES, so creating a loving and fun narrative of your relationship with your partner is a fabulous way to show your love this valentines day!

  • Customized Book that lists all the reasons why you love someone
  • 1000's of pre-made pages and artwork so you can create a book in minutes
  • Customize each page with text and artwork to make it unique
  • Over 100 covers to choose from
  • Available in hard ($39.95) or soft ($29.95) cover
  • No extra cost per page - One flat price for as many pages as you like

Why I love you Journal, Indigo, $10.99

With prompts and questions, and places for photos and notes, Why I Love You: A Journal of Us helps you express on paper how well you and your partner go together. Designed to be filled out by one partner and given to the other, or to be explored as a couple, this guided journal offers up insight and fun as you write your own love story in your own words! 96 lined pages. Pretty red journal features raised embossing, glossy heart design highlights, and gold foil accents
Silver Filigree Natural Ultra Journal ($29.95)

Intricacy and delicacy combine with repetition to create this silvered meditation on the nature of beauty. The word "filigree" derives from the Latin words "filum" for thread and "granum" for seed. The filigree pattern adorning this cover was originally designed and handcrafted in Germany circa 1800. To achieve the gilded and polished motif, a base layer of silver sheets was first die cut, and elaborate grooves were then meticulously etched into its surface.

IPOD with Personalized Music

Remember the fun, romance and element of surprise that came in the 80s and 90s when someone who loved you gave you a mixed tape?? A soundtrack to your funny memories together, those songs that played during the romantic times, and the songs about beautiful women that make your partner think of you?!! Oh yes! Those were the days and the beauty of the mixed tape! So, just because music is so readily available these days does not mean you can’t make your partner a “mixed tape” on their ipod. So, take some time (it takes a while to make a good mixed tape), think of all of the memories and soundtracks you can put with your love and your relationship and surprise them with a category on their ipod “mixed tape” this valentines day!

A Potted Plant 


Plants are harder to kill, last a long time, and can spruce up any space! So, this valentines day send a cool plant to your partner’s office and give the gift that keeps on giving in that they will look at it and think of you, it adds no stress if little maintenance and it will make their clients impressed when they see how cozy the office looks with some greenery! The KEY here is to send the plant to the office so that your partner can “show off” how loved he is and how much his partner cares for him in front of his colleagues! Half of the fun of getting flowers for women is to show them off! Well, men like this feeling too! I have proof as some of my male clients have admitted to how much they like when their partners send them gifts to the office as it makes them feel cared for in FRONT of others; makes them look more human and not just a colleague!

PJ's or Lingerie


Our sexual brains love things that are novel and a surprise! So, nothing like spicing things up with some lingerie that you would normally never wear for a fun, romantic night. However, don’t think you can only get your partner sexy lingerie to show love and care! Buying your partner those baggy sweatpants they love or cute PJs that are so cozy can be extremely sexy! Most men say that they LOVE their partners looking “active” or cozy in their relaxed time, so go against the grain and show your partner that the no make up, sweat pant look works for you, too! This can be just enough of an unexpected surprise to feel really good for your partner to open on Valentines Day!

Beer Tour and Tasting 

You don’t always have to do a wine tasting. Now you can get tipsy, have a fun afternoon of touring and tasting with beer!! So, learn what you like and don’t’ like about your beer, learn how it’s made, all while tasting with your partner! A great way to jump start a fun and flirty night on the town, while feeling a little more “relaxed and free spirited” while you’re at it!:-) (with a cab driver !:-)

Cooking Classes 

Sometimes taking a usual activity and making it special and new, is often the most original thing you can do to shake up a relationship! It lets you know that romance and learning can come into our everyday, as long as we take the initiative! So, take cooking to a different level, do it together, make it new, and take a cooking class together. Often after you’ve learned, and laughed and experimented during your lesson, some feelings of romance will have been conjured up and so by the time you get to sit down and eat your meal (try a private cooking class where you get to enjoy meal by candlelit together) you’ll have lots to talk about and all of your senses will come alive during a special meal together!

Surprise Hotel Room


There is nothing wrong with creating a good old fashioned, booty call for your spouse! Something that happens to the best of relationships, over time, and by doing the same routine over and over again is boredom! So, why not inject some of the excitement and adventure that came when you were still in the dating world by creating a booty call for you partner! Send them a note of where to meet you and what time (hotel room). Dress up, allow them to anticipate it, and woo them into a booty call!  Feeling wooed, and feeling excited about what might happen in that hotel room (novelty breeds arousal!:-) ), is a really great interruption from the “routine” that almost inevitably happens to sex lives after many years. So, shake it up! Woo them! Give them a booty call that is unexpected! You might be surprised by the effect that this has!


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