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The Biggest Dating Mistakes Women Make

  1. Taking rejection too personally and giving up when someone rebuffs their advance
  2. Only targeting the people they REALLY like instead of just getting to know more people in general 
  3. Do it the same way they've always done it instead of taking risks with their personality e.g. if they are always in the friend zone because they don't create any sexual chemistry.  They don't work on that part of themselves to get a different result, they just talk to more people doing the same thing. 
  4. Analyzing current situations with their friends instead of just going out there and meeting more people
  5. Accepting bad behavior in guys because they are desperate for something to happen
  6. As soon as they meet one guy they put all of their energy and focus into him instead of staying the course and meeting more people. They don't have to sleep around, but don't become fixated on the first guy that starts texting you!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Single & Ready to Mingle