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How To Get Your Home Open-House Ready

Samantha Pynn gives her expert tips for getting your house open-house ready. 
Clear The Clutter
Yes! The most important thing you can do to sell you home is to make it clean and clutter free. Of course clear stacks of paper, picture frames, boxes of junk on the floor, magazines, clothes, knick-knacks (your pet ferret collection). Mess makes a place feel smaller and plants a seed in peoples heads “oh yeah, the messy house.
Too many larger pieces of furniture in a room count as clutter too - ottomans, extra shelving units, side tables, sofas and chairs make your home feel cramped. I call these "parked cars”, as a buyer, you just can’t see where to park your stuff so you leave with the impression that a home is smaller than it actually is!  
Get Rid of the Smelly Stuff
Remove things like pot pourri and pets to cooking and perfumy room sprays. Your home should be spotless - the smell should be clean and crisp- not chemical clean just fresh and close to odourless. if you must use something scented make sure it’s light lemon or lavender. Smell is very personal and the strongest sense memory that we have, you want potential buyers not to notice the smell. No smell equals good feelings.
Repair Anything Worn or Dirty 
Yes, things like sofa cushions, old pillows are great starting off points. You don’t have to go out an buy all new furniture, just spot clean and replace old pillows and the dogs blanket, with fresh textiles - towels, bedding, floor mats -- that enhance your decor. If your furniture, floors cabinets and walls are in disrepair it gives the impression that your home has not been well looked after. 
Get Rid of Feature Walls or Personality Colours
We highlight the wrong walls - like the closet wall. Colour influences peoples’ emotions, but it also can make a room feel bigger or smaller. Bright yellow accent walls, brown bathrooms or red bedrooms should be painted in a neutral grey or soft white. Soft white is like a fresh canvas for potential buyers.
Make Your Space Look Inviting 
Start with your furniture set-up. Furniture set up around the perimeter of the room facing the TV is not inviting, Set up a room for conversation and entertaining.
Next, think about a layered lighting plan - table lamp, floor lamp, in addition to the overhead. New lamp shades - get ones that are in scale with the lamp if they are dated or out of scale. 
Art isn’t necessary, but if you have a beautiful piece, go ahead and hang it. 
Lastly, make a space inviting by adding flowers or plants - it’s a proven fact that florals and foliage make people feel relaxed and connected to nature. This works especially well on grey days or if you are trying to enhance a view. The key is to go with all one type or colour of flower. Soft tones work best and nothing too smelly like lilies or hyacinth.

Samantha featured the following items in today's show:

Lara Sofa, $1580
Quinn Coffee Table, $945
Hendricks End Table, $845
Astro Lounge Chair, $1365
Minerals Blush/Grey Rug, $14,575
Luster Glass Table Lamp, $765

Hektar Floor Lamp, $69.99
Wicker Arm Chairs, $129
Grey and Pink Pillows, $4.99

Geo Striped Cushion, $85.00
Mini Herringbone Throw, $95.00
Marled Knit Cushion, $35.00
Pink Patterned Pillow Sham

Teatro Verde
Faux Flowers


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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

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Tue 23 Easy, distressing techniques to give your space a chic & relaxed vibe
Wed 24 The latest products to help keep you safe at home