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Mon 23 Cheesy comfort food & decadent chocolate dessert with Vanessa Gianfrancesco

Your New Family Member

There are many animals that need forever homes in the shelters in Toronto and around the world. We took four adoptable dogs and gave them a good grooming. Then, eco expert, Candice Batista, hosts a dog fashion show of the season’s hottest dog wear.


Breed: Great Pyrenees Mix
Age: 1 Year
Disposition: Young, playful, happy and energetic

Sacha is in search of a palliative foster family who would be willing to have her in their lives for however long hers may be.  


Breed: Lhasa Apso Mix
Age: 10 Years
Disposition: Older, happy, poor vision, but still has pep

Winston was surrendered to us because his parents passed away within five months of each other. Winston is a friendly older pup and is currently looking for foster parents while we continue diagnostics to fully understand his medical issues. Foster parents should be comfortable and willing to manage his poor vision.   

To adopt Sasha or Winston call the Toronto humane society
11 River St Toronto, ON M5A 4C2
(416) 497-1011


Breed: Rottie Mix
Age: 1 year

Ramsey came from a home with children and seems very happy and comfortable with them. He walks well on a leash and is doing well with his training. He would be comfortable in a home that has experienced with large breed dogs.


Breed: Formosan Mountain dog from Taiwan
Age: 1 year

Brenda is sweet and friendly, but needs a home that will be patient and give her time to trust them. She loves playing in the kiddie pool and getting lots of belly rubs. She would do well in a relaxed home with no small children or cats. She loves to play and gets on well with other dogs.

To adopt Brenda or Ramsey call the Etobicoke humane society
67 Six Point Rd, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 2X3
(416) 249-6100

For Grooming Inquires: Spaw Boutique  
844 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1N9
(416) 366-7729


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Mon 23 Cheesy comfort food & decadent chocolate dessert with Vanessa Gianfrancesco