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The Best Summer Pet Products To Keep Your Dogs Cool And Happy

The summer is hot! Don't forget about keeping your pets cool and happy all summer long, plus this can mean fun for you too! Candice Batista shows us cool summer pool products for pets. 
Ebay, Water Abroad Floatie, $37
Dogs love to get wet and wild in the water! This floatie is perfect for your pet in the pool, so don't have to leave Fido on the side while you relax and enjoy the water this summer. Perfect! 
  • Thick, durable and sun resistant  
  • Easy to inflate 
  • Puncture free  
Hedzup Pets, Watercollar, $50 and up

Now, of course, if your pets are in the pool or the lake, they need proper protection – a flotation device is a must. This one from Hedz UP Pets is very innovative, taking the place of a dog life jacket. With this life PRESERVER, you should have no worries taking your pup out on the open water, in case they decide to jump in. Even around your backyard swimming pool, you can relax and let him play!

  • It's a  flotation device for dogs 
  • It's called a Watercollar. It holds dogs in a natural position for swimming and playing in the water
  • Any dog can drown – even the best of swimmers. If they can’t find their way out of the water, they exhaust and drown, sometimes in less than 20 minutes
  • The Watercollar holds the dog’s head and nose above the water, even if they are unconscious
  • Prevents drowning  
The Dog Market, Rogz Lighthouse, $19.99 
It's very important to let your pups play, and you'll want the best toys for your dog! The selection of toys from The Dog Market are all excellent.
  • All durable 
  • Float 
  • Dishwasher safe  
  • Hours of fun in the sun  
  • Candice's favourite is the lighthouse
Amazon, Outward Hound Doggy Drencher, $22.99 
If you don't have a pool, or are far from the beach, this dog toy lets your pups play in the water! This will keep your dog cool and hydrated in the summer, plus he'll have tons of fun while you watch!
  • Keeps your pup cool, happy and hydrated
  • Made with durable, shatterproof plastic 
  • Hooks up to your hose 
  • Spins and shoots water 
The Dog Market, Ultimate Cooling Coat, $49.99
This amazing coat is great for making sure your furry friend doesn't overheat on a super hot day. Dogs can get heat exhaustion too and so this coat is a must have!
  • Dip it in ice cold water  
  • Wring it dry and cool down!  
  • It's very comfy  
  • Protects the heart and chest - vital for circulation  
  • Great for walks  
Etsy, Charlie Be Good, $64.05 
You want to spend lots of time outside in the beautiful summer weather, and your pet does too! Charlie Be Good makes stylish pet beds for the outdoors so your four legged companion can enjoy the heat at your side. 
  • Machine washable 
  • Black & white striped cotton blend top
  • Yellow cotton canvas bottom
  • Water-resistant top & bottom
  • Side zipper closure
  • Fray proof seams & triple stitched stress points
  • Made to order
Ebay, Teepee, $70 
Protect your dog from the sun, in the cutest outdoor teepee! You'll love how adorable it looks, and your dog will love his cozy place to lay down out of the sun. 
  • Great shade protection and simply the cutest 
  • Zebra style - decorative accent 
  • Made from canvas and wood 
  • Removable, washable mat  
  • Protect from the sun  

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Tuesday June 28, 2016

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Fri 20 Must-have drugstore makeup products under $10