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Fri 26 Beauty products that work quickly to get you ready faster

Fido's New Favs

Eco expert, Candice Batista, showcases pet products that will have you wanting to go out and play your pet.

Water Bone Pet Sprinkler, $12.99
  • Fun, interactive water toy that will keep your dog cool, hydrated and occupied
  • Great for dogs that love water, especially water sprinklers
  • Ideal alternative to a hard metal sprinkler which can injure your pet
  • Simply attach the sprinkler to your garden hose and turn on
  • Made from non-toxic, durable plastic
Kyra Sundance Dog Tricks Kits, $19.99

  • The summer is the perfect time to have some fun and teach your dog new tricks
  • These training kits were created by a master dog trainer and are a great way to bond with your dog
  • Established a path of communication between you and your pet
  • Keeps him physically challenged
  • There are two games to teach your dog fetch, memory games and more
  • Comes with a booklet to teach you how to use these tools to train your dog
  • Comes with three cones and a tennis ball
  • Insert into the tennis ball and place under cone
  • Another game teaches your dog to stay calm when the doorbell rings
  • The kit comes with doggy doorbells, straps and a booklet
Ruffwear Swamp Cooler, $59.95

  • If you’re travelling, camping or hiking with your dog you need the right gear
  • It’s important to keep your dog cool in the hot summer
  • The Swamp Cooler soaks up cold water then just wring it out and fasten it to your dog
  • The light colour also helps to reflect heat while the cooling technology exchanges the dogs heat as water evaporates  
Lunker Interactive Floating Toy, $19.95
  • Play water-based catch and fetch games
  • The rope makes it easy to throw long distances
  • Made from recycled materials and is recyclable, as well
Ruffwear Haulbag, $79.95

  • This bag keeps doggy gear organized and accessible
  • Great for car camping, road tripping, or BBQ’s
  • Stores food, bowls, leaches, toys, pick up bags
  • The wide mouth makes it easy to grab contents
  • ID sleeve displays important information

iFetch Dog Toy, $179
  • This product was invented to give you a break from throwing the ball, but keeps your pooch happy
  • It’s fun for everyone when you’re at home and for your dog when you’re away
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
  • Durable design

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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Fri 26 Beauty products that work quickly to get you ready faster