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From Fun To Frightening: The Ultimate Guide To Halloween Decor

Owen Reeves shows us how to get the spookiest house on the block with these great outdoor Halloween décor items.
Solar Outdoor Lights, $25.99

These are great because they can be used year round for various other occasions, yet they perfectly fit that spooky vibe and don’t require an outlet if you’re pressed for power

Beistle Rusty Barbed Wire Garland, $12.02
This sharp looking barbed wire garland is very realistic, but it's made of pliable plastic material so it won't hurt if touched. Great for all your decorating needs and will add authenticity to your displays.
Animated Zombie, $39.99
This creepy zombie lights up and appears to be breaking through the very ground below your feet.

Airblown Projection Dragon Halloween Inflatable$89.99 (sale)
Airblown Projection Dragon Halloween Inflatable self-inflates in seconds and projects colourful moving lights from within. And better still, it deflates quickly for easy storage.

Blood Drip Lights$49.99
Outdoor Blood Drip Lights has 10 blood stained bulbs per string. Flickering lights created added spooky effect and fake 3D blood drips on the outside of each bulb make them the perfect final element of any Halloween scene.
Metallic Archway with Spiders$139.99
This playful take on a creepy entrance way has gigantic light up spiders. Make a bold first impression with trick-or-treaters!
Large Bail of Hay$15.99 each

Inflatable Haunted Archway, $99.98
Give your yard or lawn a touch of Halloween spirit the quick and easy way! This complete scene self-inflates in seconds, comes with everything needed for setup, and deflates down for easy storage between seasons!
Inflatable Pumpkin Patch$69.98
This 8.5 foot inflatable pumpkin patch by Occasions sets up in minutes and will be the perfect decoration for your yard this Halloween. It includes seven different-sized lighted pumpkins with cute faces. It's a quick and easy way to make sure your yard stands out this season.
Hanging Skeleton, $29
Corn stalker animate prop, $250
This terrifying scarecrow stands at an imposing 7’6” tall and features a flickering light up Jack-O-Lantern head. Dressed in a weathered looking fabric costume with shredded gauze detailing and with bones from a victim attached to its necklace, this scarecrow will be the talk of the neighbourhood. Plug it in to any standard power outlet for the candle light flicker in the head, and play with the variouslight settings. The head even can turn from side to side and it has three different, spooky sayings. 

1 Chauvet Hurricane 1100 Fog Machine, $200

1 Gallon of Froggy's Fog Swamp Juice, $35
1 Quart of Froggys Fog Cleaner, $15.99
1 bottle of Fog Scent, $15.99
The water based scented fog and haze additive is 100% safe to add to any water based fog juice or haze fluid. Amplify your yard into a haunted attraction by adding a desired smell.
Available scents: gothic, mildew, campfire, rain forest, swampy marsh and charred corpse

Inflatable Pumpkin Stack, $139.99
A toddler-friendly and cute way to greet guests in a festive way and includes everything needed for setup. It self-inflates in seconds and deflates for easy storage
Haunted Tree, $74.99
Lowes Whirl a Motion LED

3ft Lil Skelly Bones, $179.99
Everyone will be afraid to swing by your house with the Swinging Skeleton Boy standing guard. With his menacing chant, he'll spook even the scariest monster's attempts to get to your candy. Watch as his eyes glow ominously and his head follows each of his potential victims, all while swinging creepily back and forth.

Zombie Baby, $49.99 - $54.99
There isn't anything cute and cuddly about this Goryious Zombie Baby! This demonic baby decoration is ready for blood as it rests in a crawling position with spots all over, red outlined gold eyes, and a dark red mouth with fangs. Not even a daycare wants to take this baby, so just leave it inside your home to scare all of your friends!

Escape from the Grave Tomb Animatronics, $124.99
Terrify all of your guests with this spooky animatronic! Featuring a tombstone that moves to reveal a skeleton corpse, as well as scary audio to set the mood, this Escape from the Grave Tomb is perfect for any haunted house!
White Skull LED Candles, $24.99 each
Talking points: INDOOR use or covered porch only/  Add the perfect touch to any haunted house with this white skull light! This light is designed to look like a skull with wax dripping down, and features LED lights at the top of the candle as well as inside the skull.


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Monday, October 24, 2016

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Wed 22 Actress Malin Akerman cooks sweet potato burgers with Chef Rodney Bowers
Thu 23 Solve My Space! Ramsin Khachi transforms a unique loft space into a family hangout