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The Marilyn Team Just Pulled Off The Biggest Surprise EVER!

Owen Reeves and Andrew Pike were given a truly incredible backyard blank canvas to work their magic on, and let's just say they didn't dissapoint. From the incredible transformation of the yard, thanks to Owen's stunning landscaping plan, to Andrew's perfectly pretty patio, homeowners Robb and Emily got the surprise of a lifetime. Especially Emily, but you'll have to watch to find out why!

If you have your own bakyard overhaul in the works, Gardening expert Owen Reeves has shared his fool-proof plan for space planning the perfect backyard space:
STEP 1: Hardscape elements always go in first. Anchor your yard with the biggest elements first: a deck, patio, and any other hardscaped elements such a pavers.
STEP 2: Consider colours. Wood and pavers both come in MANY different colours, and materials, these days. When installing your deck or pavers, make sure to consider the colour of your home, and what colour(s) you’ll choose for these hardscaped elements.
STEP 3: After your hardscaped elements are good to go, choose where you will plant trees. ALSO, take not of where existing trees are already living. Typically, many people put tall, leafy trees along their fence line, for added privacy. Also, consider adding a she at the back of your yard at this point.
STEP 4: Add in your softscape elements. Softscape elements are garden beds. Plan where they will go – around trees, around your shed, and patio. Consider the shape and size of your garden beds, as well as what types of plants will go in each bed – depending on sunlight, each gardenbed will cater to different plant types.
Special thanks to Neezo Renders for providing the 3D-rendered images in this gardening segment. 

We must also say a special thanks to all of the retailers involved in making Robb’s backyard oaisis come to life. If you're interested in any of the products featured on the show, you can find their information below. 

Patio stones provided by UniLock

Plant materials provided by Connon Nurseries

Landscaping provided by Let’s Landscape Together

Trees provided by Arborwood Tree Services

Sod provided by GreenHorizons

Gas fittings provided by RYSCO Gas Fitters

Floral arrangements provided by VanNoort Flower Studios

Building materials provided by Home Hardware

Décor items provided by Bouclair

Food items provided by Sobeys

Rental items provided by Cha
irman Mills

Bin provided by Private Disposal Systems

Grill provided by Weber Summit S-670 grill

Proposal Consulting provided by A Man's Pursuit

Special Thanks To:
Your Deck Company 
Goliath Tech 

Patio furniture provided by DOT Furniture:


Oakville Corner Chair 

Oakville Left Arm Chair 

Oakville Right Arm Chair 

Oakville Side Chair 

Side tables:

Oakville Side Table

Cameron Side Table

Other Furniture:

Lounge arm chairs

Dining chairs

Dining table

Bistro table

Bistro chairs

Coffee Table

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Monday, October 10, 2016

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Tue 23 Easy, distressing techniques to give your space a chic & relaxed vibe
Wed 24 The latest products to help keep you safe at home