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The Best Way To Make Your Yard More Private, And More Stylish All At Once

Summer is the time to enjoy your backyard.Spending time in your own outdoor retreat is one of the treats of summer. Ramsin designed a perfect backyard retreat for one of his clients!

One of the things that you can do to transform your backyard is to put up fencing to look great and keep things private. 

Different types of fence create different looks:
  • Horizontal slats: elegant, good example of dealing with an obstacle and highlighting in a positive way
  • Coloured fence: When you have sliding patio doors it’s best to use a coloured fence that matches your interior décor – so you keep the look consistent in both inside/outside living spaces
  • Metal innovative: Perfect if you want to make an innovative, unusual statement.
  • Framed fence with more detail: Section with the insert mirror goes around the tree and creates depth and element of detail
Different materials one can use for their fence – each wood has its own look and benefits.
  • Cedar: Using cedar fencing around pool areas may be a better choice as it will be less affected by moisture. Cedar has a natural scent that is pleasant to those who use it or happen to be nearby. Yet it is undesirable to most pests, including those that like to chew on wood, like termites and carpenter ants.
  • Southern yellow pine: Southern Yellow Pine is the strongest resinous tree used in the construction field and in wood making and cabinet making. Given its attractive look, it is both an aesthetic and practical choice.
  • Tiger wood: Tigerwood is imported mainly from South America, and like many other tropical hardwoods, it's naturally rot resistant
  • Ash
  • Pressure treated 
  • Outdoor Fabrics
  • Stains – cutek: Stains are also a great way to seal and protect your wood –. Cutek is the best product on the market today with the outstanding performance and durability. It is a transparent stain. It penetrates into the wood where it works to control moisture from within.
  • Stains – Sherwin Williams stain: Another product you can use is Sherwin Williams stain, and it’s also good if you want to prevent rot and extend the life of your deck. Semi transparent stain and a solid stain to show the different looks you can choose.

Samples supplied by: deckmasters.ca

Stains supplied by:

  • Another option you can use is add other materials into the mix to break up the monotony of a wood fence. Possibly creating fabric inlays or weaving it into the wood slats.
  • Fabric samples from Sunbrella

For more information on the innovative slip fence, please visit: http://tahoeslipfence.com/

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Thursday July 28, 2016

Coming Up

Fri 20 Must-have drugstore makeup products under $10