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Fri 20 Must-have drugstore makeup products under $10

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Take Your Summer Patio From Average To Amazing

One viewer wrote into the show asking for help to makeover her patio, and Andrew Pike came to the rescue!
With summer upon us the patio is an important space for both lounging, and hosting get togethers and parties. Having an organized and friendly space can make all the difference in your summer events. 

Andrew’s biggest tip when planning your own patio makeover is to plan ahead so that you can create zones, like an entertaining space and a workspace. Knowing the type of activities that you will be doing on your patio allows you to plan. 

The furniture that Andrew used in the makeover is stackable, to conserve space, and easy to move so that you can create different arrangements. 

All furniture provided by Ikea
Sommer 2016 Beach Towel, Ikea, $17.00

Solvinden Led Pendant Lamp, Ikea, $79.95

Solvinden Led Pendant Lamp, Ikea, $38.97

Klasen Outdoor Serving Cart, Ikea, $130.00

Fenomen Unscented Block Candle, Ikea, $11.96

Falster Table and 4 Armchairs, Ikea, $619.00

Sandskar Tray Table, Ikea, $79.98

Hederlig, Ikea, $17.94

Ivrig, Ikea, $11.94

Karlso/ Svarto, Black/ Dark Gray, Ikea, $178.99

Kungsholmen/ Kungso Sofa- Outdoor, Ikea, $760.00

Kungsholmen/ Kungso, Ikea, $220.00

Kungsholmen, Ikea, $150.00

Nodvandig Bowl, Ikea,$39.98

Malaro Table  2 Chairs, Ikea, $149.00

Falster Reclining Chair- Grey, Ikea, $190.00

Graset Plant Pot, Ikea, $79.98

Graset Plant Pot, Ikea, $239.96

Graset Plant Pot, Ikea, $174.00

Salladskal Watering Can, Ikea, $27.99

Ravenea Potted Palm, Ikea, $159.92

Bigarra Plant Pot with Saucer, Ikea, $54.99

Vikersund Mirror- Silver, Ikea, $39.98

Borrby Lantern, Ikea, $39.99

Bladet Vase, Ikea, $19.98

Tillfalle Candle Stick Holder, Ikea, $59.98

Bladet Vase, Ikea, $79.98

Groggy Tray, Ikea, $15.99

Kornig White Candle, Ikea, $19.98

Sommer 2016,  Rug 71” x 94”, Ikea, $39.99

Ikea PS 2014 Greenhouse, Ikea, $29.99

Oleby Wine Cooler, Ikea, $14.99

Skruv  Led Lighting Chain- 48 Lights, Ikea, $129.90

Solvinden Decoration for Light Chain, Ikea, $24.00

Solvinden LED solar-poweredd table lamp, Ikea, $29.99

Solvinden LED solar-poweredd table lamp, Ikea, $19.99

Socker Flower Box Holder, Ikea, $29.99

Sommar 2016 disposable mug, Ikea, $10.00

Sommar 2016 Paper Napkins, Ikea, $7.98

Sommar 2016 paper side plate, Ikea, $1.99

Sommar 2016 Beach Bag, Ikea, $14.99

Beteende Vase, Ikea, $119.98 

Skruv Transformer w/ Cord, Ikea, $90.00

Hindo Cabinet, Ikea, $198.00

Glasig Lantern, Ikea, $25.98

Beteende Vase, Ikea, $79.98

Gurli Cushion Cover, Red, Ikea, $19.96

Fjadrar Inner Cushion, Ikea, $28.00 

Fargrik 18-Piece Dinnerware Set, Ikea, $29.99

Marit Place Mat, Black, Ikea,$15.00

Isunda Cushion Cover, Ikea, $29.98

Lappljung Ruta Cushion Cover, Ikea, $51.96

Fjadrar Inner Cushion, Ikea, $42.00

Solvinden Decoration for Light Chain, Ikea, $48.00

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Monday August 1, 2016

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Fri 20 Must-have drugstore makeup products under $10