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His and Hers Storage Solutions

DIY is the way to go! There's nothing more satisfying than knowing you created something useful. With Kasia's DIY storage solutions you can really organize your space. 

Tin Caddy DIY 
This is a really fun storage solution for your outdoor table.  Use tin cans to help organize your utensils or outdoor accessories (sun tan lotions, wet wipes, sunglasses, etc).  You can even utilize it in a kid’s room for their arts & crafts! 
What You Need:
6 tin cans
Piece of wood (wood plank determined by can size)
Spray paint (colour of choice)
Leather belt

What To Do:
1.  Get 6 cans (for this style preferably all the same size) remove the labels and wash them thoroughly
2.  Once dry, decide on the colour you want them to be.  Take them outside in a well ventilated area and spray paint them, allow paint to dry between coats
3.  Get a piece of wood cut down to roughly, 2" taller then the cans and 2" wider then the cans would be if they were lined up in a row of three side by side (each can varies in size and height) - you want to give yourself some room to work with.
4.  Place the can on a stick that is support or viced, take a nail and with a hammer make a hole roughly 1" down from the top rim...repeat this step on all six cans
5.  Take your wood piece and stand it up horizontally, position your cans against it and through the hole mark their spot with a pencil onto the piece of wood
6.  Drill small pilot holes in the markings of the wood
7.  Take a screw and attach each tin to a spot on the wood
8.  Take an old leather strap (I used an old belt) and attach it to the top of the wood (this becomes your handle)
9.  Finish off the tins by placing a label on them to indicate what’s inside

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Thursday May 26, 2016

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Fri 20 Must-have drugstore makeup products under $10