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Mental Health & Well-Being

Ashley Howe Helps Natalie Sexton and Andrew Pike Face Their Biggest Fear

With a little encouragement, you too can conquer whatever is holding you back!

Rodney's Restart: How To Avoid Setbacks And Find The Right Support

Rodney speaks with Joe Rich about weight loss setbacks, and how to get the support he needs to continue.

Rodney Bowers Opens Up About His Emotional Eating

Family therapist Joe Rich sits down with Rodney Bowers to discuss his emotional eating

Dr. Oz explains how to talk to your kids about drugs and alcohol

Dr. Oz shares tips for starting the conversation about drugs and alcohol with your teens

Is Your Teen an Addict?

Family therapist Joe Rich discuses teen addiction, and shares tips for getting your child the help they need

Would You Know How to Spot an Eating Disorder?

Jay Walker talks about his experience with recovering from an eating disorder and its misconceptions

Eating Disorder Myths

Dr. Scott Gledhill from Medcan discusses how to recognize and treat different types of eating disorders

Clara Hughes on How Bell Let’s Talk Has Changed Her

The spokesperson for Bell Let’s Talk, Clara Hughes, talks about how the nationwide initiative has changed her life

Stop Stressing Over Stress Foods

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani, shares healthier stress-busting alternatives to the usual foods you crave

Clara Hughes’ Big Ride

The Olympic medalist opens up about the time she spent riding across Canada to spread mental health awareness

Innovative Brain Technology

Dr. Brett Belchetz takes an in-depth look at advances in brain science and research

Medication for Depression

Dr. Brett Belchetz examines the role of medication in treating depression and how the rest of the body is affected

Caregiving for the Depressed

Family therapist, Joe Rich, breaks down the caregivers’ role, as well as coping strategies

Five A’s of Facing Fears

Family therapist, Joe Rich, discusses his five-pronged approach to conquering what scares you most

Miranda’s Fear Face Off

With the help of family therapist, Joe Rich, nutritionist, Miranda Malisani, confronts her ultimate phobia – snakes!

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