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Seasonal Decor Swaps To Boost The Cozy Factor For Winter

Canada's Next Designer Winner Marcy Mussari shows us her simple solutions for amping up your decor in cooler months.

Creating No Sew Pom Pom Pillows
You will need:
  • Fabric (FabricLand) (1/2 metre - 1 metre)
  • Pom Poms (FabricLand) (5ft)
  • Pillow 
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hemming Tape
Step 1: 
Layout your fabric and measure out the side of your pillow.
Step 2:
Leave an extra 2 inches around each side of the pillow, mark it out and cut out two squares
Step 3:
Iron both of the pieces so there are no wrinkles
Step 4:
Put the two pieces of fabric together, (one on top of the other) - make sure that both of the pattern are on the inside facing each other.
Step 5:
Grab your hemming tape and start ironing 3 of the edge of the fabric together - take your time and do this slowly until he two pieces will stick together.
Step 6: 
Leave one side open and then turn your pillow case inside out.
Step 7: 
Stuff your pillow into the pillow case and close the open side neatly with hot glue.
Step 8: 
Take your pompoms and neatly glue them around the entire pillow

Birch Tree Art
Your Will Need:
  • Ikea Ribba Frame 
  • Birch Branches
  • Hot Glue 
Step 1:
Cut down your birch branches into 1/2” circles
Step 2:
Layout your pieces onto the back piece of the frame (You can paint the back of the frame what ever colour you would like)
Step 3:
Once you have your birch pieces in the right position, start hot gluing them all down. You can add in smaller pieces in the empty spaces.
Step 4:
Glue the cardboard piece to the frame
Step 5:
Hang your new beautiful Art!
Ikea Snow Globe
You Will Need:
  • Ikea Glass Dome
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Small Paint Bruch
  • Wintery Decorations Of Your Choice
Step 1:
Take your Acrylic Paint and start painting snowflakes (any size) spiratically over the inside of the glass dome.
Step 2:
Take your decor items and figure out a layout that will fit on to the bottom wood piece
Step 3:
Once everything is in the right position, hot glue everything down
Step 4:
Add in any extra sparkles, fake snow or feathers to give it an extra wintery touch! Close the lid and you are done!
White Washed Chairs:
You will need:
  • Ikea Chairs
  • White paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Sandpaper
Step 1: 
Take your Chair and give it a light sand
Step 2:
Lightly Paint over the chair in white paint, this doesn’t need to be perfect!
Step 3: 
Sand the chair down so you can see the wood coming through
Step 4:
Add the white paint over top and let it dry
Step 5:
Sand the chair down until you get the white washed rustic look
Other fun d├ęcor items in today’s vignette:

STORNAS Extendable Table
HEMNES Glass Door Cabinet  
HEMNES Side Board - White Stain  
MARYD Tray Table   
OSTED Rug  Flat woven
SKOLD Sheepskin
Dish-ware / Table Setting / Buffet
ARV Plate
ARV Bowl
ARV Side Plate  
ARV Side Plate  
FRODIG Plate   
FLIMRA Glass  
FLIMRA Wine Glass  
IVRIG Champagne Glass  
OLEBY Wine Cooler  
IKEA 365 + CARAFE w/ Stopper  
KALASET Espresso Cup & Saucer  
UPPHETTA Coffee/Tea Maker  
SKUREN 20 Piece Flatware Set  
SKURAR Candle Dish  
VINTER 2016 Table Cloth 
ELLY Tea Towel 
MARIT Table Runner 
VINTER 2016 Paper Napkins 
VINTER 2016 Paper Napkins
ARLIGA Glass Dome 
GOTTIS Serving Bowl 
ARV BROLLOP Cake Stand w/ Lid 
GARNER Serving Stand 
SKOGSTA Platter w/ Stand 
SKOGSTA Platter w/ Stand 
VINTER 2016 Serving Bowl 
OLEBY Chopping Board 
FASCINERA Chopping Board 
SINNLIG Scented Votive Candle 

VINTER 2016 Scented candle in glass 

JUBLA Unscented Candles 

TRATT Candle Snuffer 

BLOMSTER Candle Sticks Set   
BLOMSTER Candle Holder Set 

FEBOMEN Unscented Block Candles

LAGRAD Lantern for Candle 
LAGRAD Lantern for Candle 

FEMOMEN Unscented Block Candle 
VINTER 2016 Decoration 
VIRSERUM Frame 41x51 
RIBBA Frame 
RIBBA Frame 23x23  
KNOPPANG Frame 20x25 
KNOPPANG Frame - 30x41 
RIBBA Frame 
FJADRAR Inner Cushion 
RAGKORN Plate Pot 
SVARTAN Decorative Bottle 
SVARTAN Decorative Bottle 
BLADET Vase - 65 cm 
RORD Decoration
SMYCKA - Dried Plants 
SMYCKA Artificial Garland 
SMYCKA Artificial Flower 
SMYCKA Artificial Wreath 
VINTER 2016 Gift Wrap 
VINTER 2016 Gift Wrap
VINTER 2016 Gift Wrap 
VINTER 2016 Ribbon 
GIVANDE - Gift Tags 
VINTER 2016 Hanging Decor 
VINTER 2016 Hanging Decor 
VINTER Hanging Ornaments 
VINTER Hanging Ornaments 
VINTER Hanging Ornaments 

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Coming Up

Thu 23 Solve My Space! Ramsin Khachi transforms a unique loft space into a family hangout
Fri 24 Peter’s Fashion Academy! Peter Papapetrou schools two candidates on how to shop and style themselves