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How To Mix Prints Like A Designer

Amanda’s Top five tips for mixing patterns

1. More is more
When in doubt layer in more. For the true design rule breakers, create a bold over-the-top look full of personality by throwing the conventional principals out the window.

2. Cohesion is key
Choose patterns and prints all within the same colour family to create a monochromatic scheme with a lot of interest. Combining patterns with different scales prevents a space from feeling visually cluttered

3. Colour theory
Mix and match prints using the basics of colour theory. Complimentary and triatic colour schemes always look best.
EX: Red & Green, Blue & Orange, Yellow & Purple
EX: Red, Blue & Yellow, Green, Purple, & Orange

4. Let one design shine.
Like choosing a suit & tie, pair iconic and eye-catching patterns with more subtle or abstract ones so that the prints don't compete for attention.

5. Leave room for white space.
Like art hanging in a gallery, use white space to give each of your bold prints room to shine. Find the right ratio of prints to solid surfaces. Throw pillows, blankets, and rugs add  pops of pattern, letting you experiment with prints in a room that's a blank slate.

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

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Fri 20 Must-have drugstore makeup products under $10