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How To Properly Style Your Living Room Around Your TV

Designer Andrew Pike gives a lesson on TV placement in a family room. 

Andrew Pike’s tips for the perfection TV placement!
HEIGHT – Mount the TV at eye level…while seated!  This is usually about 39 inches from the floor.
DISTANCE – No matter how much you want that 75” TV, it won’t work for a small space!  Use this calculation to determine how far away it should be from your seating area:
Minimum distance: Size of TV divided by 8
Maximum distance: Size of TV divided by 4
Ex. For a 48” TV it would be a minimum of 6 feet (48/8) to a maximum of 12 feet (48/4) from your sofa
ANGLE – Keep in mind which way you want to tilt your TV mount/bracket depending on where you’ll be watching the most, and so that there isn’t a glare from lamps.
Ultimately, it’s a personal decision!  Make sure you’re comfortable with how you like to watch TV the most.

The following products were used in today's segment:
WINFIELD CHAIR, $1276 each

LILY Extendable Media Unit, $459 (sale)
ROSA 38cm Accent Table, $99 (sale)
FROST Table Lamp, $99 (sale)
VISIO Glass Coffee Table, $249 (sale)

LOVBACKEN side table, medium brown, $69 each 
RENS Sheepskin rug, $39.99 each 
SKOLD sheepskin rug, $249
FAKSE rug, $229

trio floor lamp, $349

Sunray Wall Art (3 pieces), $269 
Clooney Toss 24x24 Harvest Pillows, $42  
Clooney Toss 12x24 Harvest Pillows, $32  
Mongolian Toss 20x20 Pillows, $99  
Paint Colour:
DULUX "Phantom Blue" 72BB 07/288 (A1484), matte finish


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Thursday, October 20, 2016

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Mon 23 Cheesy comfort food & decadent chocolate dessert with Vanessa Gianfrancesco