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Home Décor

Mr. Fix-it

Home expert, Ramsin Khachi, answers even more of your home décor questions

Supersize Surprise

Design experts, Kasia Waloszczyk and Andrew Pike team up for a massive home makeover

Tissue Paper Pom-poms

Design expert, Kasia Waloszczyk, shares a project perfect for adding a poufy pop

Decorating with Unconventional Items

Design expert, Andrew Pike, showcases how to use odds’n’ends for a variety of fun and unique wall applications

Bedrooms for the Boys

Design experts, Kasia Waloszczyk and Andrew Pike discuss how they transformed the boys’ rooms

Rachel’s New Room

Design experts, Kasia Waloszczyk and Andrew Pike reveal the survivor’s new bedroom

Thrift Store Showdown

Two D.I.Y. bloggers scour Value Village in a savvy home furnishing face off

Thrift Store Star

The votes have been tallied and it’s time to name the winner

Outside Space, Indoor Style

Design expert, Andrew Pike, inspires us with his unique combination of décor pieces perfect for your patio

Be a Pro Painter

Design diva, Debbie Travis shares her painting pointers for picture perfect walls

Everything Old is New Again

Designer, Tommy Smythe, explains how to incorporate antiques into a modern décor style

Capitalizing on your Craft

Experts share their advice on turning your craft into a profitable business

Complimentary Colours

Designer, Jane Lockhart resolves all your colour confusion with a lesson in coordination

Combining Colour in Décor

Designer, Kasia Waloszczyk helps one family liven up their living room with a big injection of colour

Colour Galore

Designer, Kasia Waloszczyk reveals the chromatic space she created for one viewer and shares a painting DIY for all skill levels