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Home Décor

Summer Patio Makeover

Design expert, Amanda Forrest, transforms one viewer’s boring, overgrown backyard

Summer Patio Makeover Reveal

Design expert, Amanda Forrest, debuts a brand new backyard oasis

Internationally Inspired Interior Décor

Debbie Travis shows how to decorate a dining table using saris and other accessories from around the world

Finishing a Disaster Kitchen Reno

Interior designer, Cheryl Torrenueva, and contractor, Jeremy MacPherson, makeover a kitchen for a couple who’ve been waiting five years to see it finished

Why Home Staging Hides Issues

Real estate expert, Sarah Daniels, discusses what sellers do to dress up a house and what they may be hiding

A Fusion of Design Styles

Design expert, Amanda Forrest, surprises one lucky viewer with a living room by transformation

Guide to Gallery Walls

Design expert, Amanda Forrest, reveals the results of a renovated space

Brand New Basement Oasis

Designer, Jane Lockhart, surprises a new mom with a basement transformation

Bolder, Brighter Basement

Designer, Jane Lockhart, shares ideas for creating a more lively space

Tranquil Backyard Transformation

Outdoor and garden expert, Owen Reeves, surprises one viewer with a dreamy deck makeover

A Picture Perfect Yard

Outdoor and garden expert, Owen Reeves, shares planter ideas that would make the perfect gifts

Seven Foolproof Room Decorating Tips

Design expert, Amanda Forrest, shows us ways to decorate for amazing results guaranteed

Being Creative with Statement Furnishings

Designer, Jillian Harris, shares inventive ideas inspired by your favourite pieces

Starting from Scratch Interior Solutions

Design experts, Andrew Pike, Jillian Harris and Amanda Forrest, give advice to viewers on how to revamp their space

Advice for Auction Newbies

Designer, Tommy Smythe, breaks down the dos and don’ts of auctioning, from what to bring to a negotiating how-to. Plus, a live auction!