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Home Décor

Low Cost, Big Impact on your Space

Designer, Jane Lockhart, reveals how you can completely change the look of your walls without spending much money

$0 Room Makeover

Designer, Jane Lockhart, gives one couple a room makeover without spending a dollar and a lesson on out-of-the-box framing

Luxe and Less Room Looks

Designer, Glen Peloso, discusses where you should save and when you should splurge

Solving DIY Dilemmas

Design expert, Kasia Waloszczyk, solves three viewer DIY disasters with low cost solutions

A Living Room for Less

Design expert, Amanda Forrest, reveals luxurious finds for your home that won’t blow your budget

Do’s and Don’ts of Budget Décor

Jillian Harris from ‘Love It or List It Vancouver’ discusses where to save and spend when redecorating

Sarah Richardson’s Style Secrets

Interior designer, Sarah Richardson, discloses the secrets to her signature style and chats about her new book

Organizing with D.I.Y. Projects

Brett Walther from ‘Canadian Living’ shares organizational ideas for both your kitchen and bathroom

Old House, New Solutions

Designer, Jane Lockhart, showcases six ways to spruce up an older home

Save vs. Splurge: Kitchen Renos

Interior decorator, Aly Velji, discusses budgeting for your project using his recent reno as an example

Bold and Beautiful Bookshelves

Designer, Tommy Smythe, shares unexpected ways to breathe new life into your literature and trinkets

Tommy’s Bookshelf Challenge

Designer, Tommy Smythe, challenges Marilyn and one audience member to style a shelf in less than 60 seconds

Scary to Stunning Bedroom Makeover

Interior designer, Andrew Pike, transforms a terrifying space for two lucky viewers

Bedroom Facelift in Six Steps

Interior designer, Andrew Pike, shows us how to take our bedrooms from zero to sixty in seconds

Halloween Dinner Party Décor

DIY expert, Wendy Russell, discusses setting a totally terrifying table for your next themed bash