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Glen's Last Minute Decorating Tips for the Holidays

Buy an inexpensive jute mat and spray paint it with your family’s initial, silhouette or whatever you wish, using a stencil.

My favourite tradition is to keep a Santa hat by the door. I make all of my friends put the hat on when they come in the door and I take a polaroid picture of them. I either make them into tree ornaments, place settings or add them to a wreath.

A wreath always looks amazing over a fireplace, and if you’ve got a mirror mounted there already – even better! Hang a simple feather boa wreath over the front of the mirror. Red/white – candy cane, or black if you’re feeling naughty.

A cardboard tree is a great alternative to a real Christmas tree especially if you live in a condo that doesn’t allow them. They’re reusable year after year and environmentally friendly. Leave it as is, or have your kids paint it or decorate it as they like.

Pine boughs cut off the bottom of your Christmas tree. Add sprigs and pinecones. Metallic silver balls add sparkle – it’s neutral in terms of going with any décor. Use what you have around the house already to decorate – we already have so much stuff!

Stack presents around chairs and side tables directly on floor. They act as décor by adding interest and height to areas of the room that may otherwise feel undecorated.

Glen Peloso

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Hearth Manor Kendal Electric Fireplace in Parchment by Dimplex

Cascades Cardboard Christmas Tree

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Thursday, December 20, 2012