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Thats a Wrap

Sebastien Centner's shares his wrapping tips for any present  of all shapes and sizes!

The Basics

Save boxes throughout the year; garment, shoe & products.

Before putting the holiday storage boxes away till after the season see what can be used to wrap.

For fast and easy wrapping, gift bags are the simplest solution. If your afraid of prying eyes use a hole punch and some ribbon to seal the bag shut.

Measure and cut your paper. Proper cutting will make the job so much easier and produce a more beautiful wrap, time well spent.

When wrapping an item in a larger box or bag be sure to add plenty of tissue paper to cushion to keep from moving too much risking a break or to keep the curious in your family from guessing what’s inside.


If in a half box, use old cardboard boxes and cut them to give a flat top surface to wrap. If loose, place garment boxes on top and bottom to use as support.


Trying to wrap small items can be frustrating with the intricate folds needed. You can get around this by building a small bag out of wrapping paper

Oddly Shaped

Some items are unusually shaped, like a figurine. Use those leftover rolls from wrap to disguise the gift. Use two wrapping tubes on each side to provide firm surface to wrap.

Very Large

Even a wrapping pro can get stumped wrapping very large items. Use a seasonal flannel blanket and tie on top, two presents in one!

Or store the gift in a separate room and attach a long ribbon, hang ribbon from tree with a ‘Follow Me’ note attached.

Thursday, December 20, 2012