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Outdoor Last Minute Decorating

A Wreath is a great impact piece when you walk in the door.

The Magnolia Company: Lacquered wreath, price varies. Available a plant world

The great thing about this wreath is the lacquer dries and you can use this piece for many years to come. Although they are more expensive then your typical wreath you can get more use if you take good care of them. Keep the box they come in store it in that and keep it safe and you can use it again and again.
Ready-made planters keep your ordainments for these planters.  Rona Branches on Stake LED lights, $14.99
Poinsettias are not outdoor plants they are very sensitive to the cold always keep them warm. When buying them put them right in the car and take them home don’t leave them in the car for an extended period of time because they will die. Also don’t keep near a cold window. A Poinsettia is similar to a cactus; it needs to be consistently warm.
Noma Outdoor Solar Ornaments, $8.99, Canadian Tire
Nice for hanging on a tree outside, off your porch.  
Noma pre-lit Christmas Tree Cones $59.99, Canadian Tire
Line up along your walk way. It’s Simple, easy and adds elegance to your front yard
Lowes Ugly Sweater Party Inflatable, $98
You don’t have to have them up all the time but they are a fun element to add if you are having a holiday gathering/party.

Monday, December 17, 2012

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