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Marilyn’s Ten Days of Giveaway

Day 2:  Kids Gift Guide

Wonderbook for Playstation, $79.99

A powerful story-telling vehicle and a great gift idea for kids with an active imagination. It brings to life a thousand stories on your TV with one book.  It has an educational component to it instead of just one of those action games.

Sold at Futureshop, Best Buy and other major Canadian Retailers.

Bananagrams Zip, $14.95 www.bananagrams.com

A compact, portable and competitive game that’s perfect for road trips, sleepovers and family adventures.  ZIP-IT is a two-player crossword race for ages 7-17 that that help kids with spelling, reading and creativity and can be played anytime, anywhere in as little as 20 seconds.

The set features 24 letter cubes packaged in a unique retro-style cloth pouch with scoring zippers, so everything you need to play is in the bag.

Clump-o-lumps, $29.95

A great update to that typical stuffed animal the kids love and parents feel safe buying.  These fun creatures come in a variety of different forms, bumblebees, sharks, frogs and other fun animals. What makes these stuffed animals stand out is kids can collect them and unzip their body parts (head, torso, legs) and reattach them to build a hybrid of silly looking critters.\

You can also buy them at local toy stores:
Hijinx Toy Shop 712B Main St,; Front & Company 3742 Main St, Bookmark - The Library Store 350 West Georgia St.; St. Boniface Hospital - La Boutique Gift Shop 409 Tache Ave; Desart 117 Osborne Avenue; Manitoba Children'S Museum, Inc Kinsmen Building 45 Forks Market Rd; Midoco 555 Bloor West; Pick Of The Crop 245 Lakeshore Rd E; Scalliwag Toys 302 Front St; Scooter Girl 187 Roncesvalles Ave.; Jammed Lovely 58 Mill St W.; Mags & Fags 254 Elgin St.; Safety Superstore-Mississauga 3425 Laird Rd. Unit 7; Simply Wonderful Toys 10 Paisley St.,Royal Plaza, Un; Treasure Island Toys (Toronto) 581 Danforth Avenue; Bergo 28 Tank House Lane; Type Books (Forest Hill Village) 427 Spadina Rd; Credit Creek Country Store 17277 Old Main St.; Benjo Inc 550 Boul Charest Est; Sereda'S Pharmacy 16 Carlton Trail Plaza; Indigo/Chapters (Check Website For Locations)

Twister Dance, $36.99

A fun take on the classic game.  Kids can dance to their favorite tunes (Britney Spears & Keasha) while playing classic twister with an update: they follow the LED lights on the dance console.  It comes with 2-sets of movable twister spots so kids can play with a buddy.  Twister Dance is available at Walmart, Zellers and Toys R Us. $36.99

Modular Construction Set, $24.99-$59-99

Kids can build those classic race car sets, except with this toy they can build them vertically, in circles and change it up every time.  Prices range depending on the size of the kit. The Marilyn Denis show featured the Highway Construction get. 

This great gift is available online:

My Pretty Playhouse

A creative, fun way to engage your child’s imagination.  We all know kids love building forts, but this is one that really brings those fairy tale forts to life.  They’re made from 100% recycled cardboard locally in Canada and the company donates $2 from every play house sold to Habitat for Humanity. 

We featured the My Pretty Playhouse:  A variety of these 100% recycled, creative cardboard playhouse are available here (FREE shipping):


Owl Magazine subscription

OWL is Canada’s award-winning magazine for kids 9 to 13 that has been educating and entertaining kids for more than 35 years. Loved by teachers, librarians, parents, grandparents - and most of all - kids! Jam-packed full of timely articles, quizzes, cool facts, comics and hot topics  that appeal to the most avid and the most reluctant readers. More info at: www.owlkids.com/marilyn  

A gift that gives back from World Vision

Buying items from companies like World Vision really teaches kids about empathy and other parts of the world. You’d be amazed at how well it’s received when kids know they’ve sent soccer balls to a school or clothed an entire family for a year.  It’s an opportunity to really spend time teaching them about the true meaning of gift giving and open their eyes to other kid’s situations around the world.

World Vision Gifts is Canada’s leading source for alternative gifts with more than 60 gift ideas. You pick a tangible donation that will provide hope to a child, family or community and you get a card to give to the gift recipient that outlines the change being made on their behalf.

This non-profit organization offers more than 60 gift ideas.  Kids learn empathy and about other parts of the world when they unwrap a heart-warming present.  From soccer balls for a school to clothing a family for a year, you pick your budget and they put forward some much-appreciated presents.  Today, The Marilyn Denis show featured a bracelet made my women and teenage girls that is part of a project to keep them off the streets.

For more information and to purchase a gift, visit: www.worldvision.ca/gifts or call 1-800-844-7993

Barbie Photo Fashion Doll, $59.99

Canadian Retailers:
Walmart, Toys R’ Us, Loblaws, Sears
Or you can purchase online: www.mattel.ca/holiday

Liv & Lily

For the fashionistas on your list, you’ll want to check out Liv & Lily.  It’s a Canadian company that adds that perfect accessory to any child’s outfit.  They’re fabulous for photo-shoots or for dress-up or even if you child simply loves a little flare in their wardrobe.  The Marilyn Denis Show featured a hat, bow-tie and headband.  There are a ton of fashionable items available for sale at: http://www.livandlily.com/ecom/

Canadian Retailers:

BB Buggy, Belly Bumps and Babies, Kol Kids, La Di Da on the Danforth, Scooter Girl, Safety Superstore, Simply Green Baby, Baby Avenue, The Bareheart Boutique, Barren, Land Jewellery, Bo Beep Boutique, Bosom Babies, Living Green Kid, The Magic Bean, Pebble Baby, Pieces of Home, Precious & Few, Quite the Pair, Room for Two Maternity, Smarti Pantz, Stephanie’s Kids, Steveston Village Maternity, Ulla-La Boutique, West Coast Kids

Whim and Whistle

We also brought your attention to a company notorious for children’s photo shoots.  Our audience went home with a gift card toward the fun-filled day and one lucky audience member also received a $600 photo booth party.  For details on how you can purchase one of these amazing events, check out their website: www.whimandwhistle.com

Ivivva Athletica

An active wear line that is made by lululemon for a younger audience and it’s created quite the rage.  We featured the “Dance to the Beat” bag and audience members went home with $75 to spend on ivivva.

Product is available at: 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Guide

Kids Gift Guide

Holiday Guide

Twister Dance

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Fri 26 Beauty products that work quickly to get you ready faster