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Eating Healthy & Dieting
Healthy recipes, meal plans and diet tips for a healthy lifestyle and weight loss

Raw Vs. Cooked Vegetables

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani, gives us the 4-11 on how to eat our veggies

Age Defying Women

Naturopathic doctor, Natasha Turner, talks about how you can look younger longer, with three viewers who are sharing their age defying secrets

Healthy Meal Swaps

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani, tells us why we may not be choosing the most beneficial foods for our bodies

Beat the Heat Recipes

Nutritionist, Julie Daniluk, shares five refreshing foods that will chill you to the core

Healthy Food for Free

Nutritionist, Julie Daniluk, reveals nutritional foods you can find in your backyard!

Mindful Eating

Nutritionist, Miranda Malsani, shares tips on how to keep your hunger in check

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Nutritionists, Julie Daniluk and Miranda Malisani, discuss cost-effective ways to eat healthy

Secret Cellulite Weapons

Health expert, Melissa Hershberg, discusses everything you need to know to combat that ‘cottage cheese’ texture

Benefits of Drinking Fresh Pressed Juices

Author and documentarian, Joe Cross, discusses how fruit and vegetable juices saved his life and shares one of his favourite recipes

Diet Mistakes that Age you

Naturopath, Natasha Turner, reveals which foods you may be eating that are tacking years onto your appearance

Food Sensitivities, Intolerances and Allergies

Naturopath, Mubina Jiwa, discusses everything you need to know, from symptoms to treatments and alternatives

Solutions for Food Sensitivities

Nutritionist, Julie Daniluk, shares healthy alternatives to common allergies and intolerances

The Beauty of Cooking Oils

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani, breaks down oil uses and how some can be incorporated into your beauty regime

Weight Loss Superfoods

Nutritionist, Julie Daniluk, showcases the healthy wonders that can accelerate a total transformation

Four Ways to Detox

Naturopath, Natasha Turner, breaks down four ways you can cleanse your body in time for bikini season

Should you do a Juice Cleanse?

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani, discusses the benefits of a liquid cleanse and talks to three viewers who tried three versions

Your Protein Guide

Naturopath, Natasha Turner, explains the importance of protein and how much you need in your diet

Eat More Protein

Naturopath, Natasha Turner, reveals surprising sources of protein

Protein Swaps

Dietitian, Abbey Sharp, describes how to get more protein into your diet while saving calories

Daily Dose of Fruits and Veggies

Naturopath, Mubina Jiwa, breaks down serving sizes, recommended intakes and alternatives

Shift Worker’s Meal Makeover

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani, switches up a nightshift worker’s unhealthy meals for easy and nutritional ones

Eat Healthy, Be Satisfied

Author of ‘Against all Grain’, Danielle Walker, shares a gluten and dairy free recipe from her cookbook

The ‘Zero Belly Diet’

Author and nutrition expert, David Zinczenko, explains his stomach shrinking plan and shares his belly de-bloating recipes

Frozen Foods Guide

Nutritionist, Julie Daniluk, shows convenient options to save time and money without sacrificing health

Do Health Fads Work?

Naturopath, Natasha Turner, reveals which trendy health foods to scoop up and which to skip

Why you aren’t Losing Weight

Naturopath, Natasha Turner, busts the diet myths that are preventing you from dropping those stubborn pounds

Low Sodium Roasted Tomato Soup

Culinary dietitian, Stephanie Clairmont, settles the salt versus sodium debate and makes a healthy lunch

Pantry Report Card

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani, peeks into typical cupboards and gives them a nutrition-based health grade

Breaking Sugar and Coffee Habits

Weight loss expert, Melissa Hershberg, help two viewers set up a plan for kicking their habits and shares tips for curbing cravings

Strategies to Speed up Supper

Culinary dietitian, Stephanie Clairmont, reveals simple tricks to get a nutritious meal on the table in a snap