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Eating Healthy & Dieting
Healthy recipes, meal plans and diet tips for a healthy lifestyle and weight loss

Sugar Shockers

Dr. Melissa Hershberg gives us the down low on sugar, from intake guidelines to over sweetened food swaps

Healthy Chicken Tostadas

Author, JJ Virgin cooks a satisfying and slimming meal from her new book

Slimming Meals that Heal

Nutritionist, Julie Daniluk discusses how anti-inflammatory foods can help you lose weight

Cures from the Kitchen

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani, shows us how to kick-start the healing process from the inside out

The Hungry Games

Nutritionist, Julie Daniluk, tests the healthy choice knowledge of two viewers

Weight Loss Challenge Check In

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani and Team Powell share their favourite recipes from their weekly meal plan

Tips for your Weight Loss Journey

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani shares some vital tips that will take the stress out of losing weight

Diet and Nutrition by Body Type

Weight loss expert, Dr. Melissa Hershberg breaks down the basic body types, including how to transform yours with specific nutrition and exercises

Diets of the World

Weight loss expert, Dr. Melissa Hershberg explores the pros and cons of a variety of international lifestyles

Three-Day Reboot Cleanse 2.0

Nutritionist, Julie Daniluk returns to discuss re-introducing foods after the completion of a cleanse and chats with a successfully detox-ed couple

Easy Three Ingredient Dishes

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani shares healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner options with few fixings

Filling Morning Meals

Celebrity fitness trainer, Jim Karas shows us how to prepare delicious and nutritious breakfasts perfect for on-the-go

Five Ways to Improve your Morning

Naturopath, Mubina Jiwa breaks down a few simple ways to bust out of your boring morning routine

Fantastic February Foods

Nutritionist, Julie Daniluk show cases some energy boosting foods to propel you from February into March

Good Fats vs. Bad Fats

Nutritionist Miranda Malisani breaks down the fats we eat and tells us which to consume and avoid

‘The Virgin Diet’: How to Lose 7 Pounds in 7 Days

JJ Virgin, author of the National best-selling book “The Virgin Diet,” reveals how to lose seven pounds in seven days by cutting seven foods from our diet

Partnered Exercises

Fitness expert, Samantha Montpetit-Huynh walks us through three easy partner exercises that you can do at home

Miranda Malisani’s Weekly Meal Plan

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani shares the weekly meal plan she created for the Powells and you, too!

Belly Fat Fact or Fiction

Naturopath, Natasha Turner, reveals the truth on shrinking your waistline for a new you in 2014

Beat Belly Bloat

Naturopath, Natasha Turner, shares the secrets to eating your way thin with fat fighting foods

Fab Fit Foods

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani, has the skinny on the newest health foods on the market

Kick the Habit

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani, breaks down how to overcome your un-healthy habits so you can keep those New Year’s resolutions

Three-Day Reboot Cleanse

Nutritionist, Julie Daniluk, shares a detoxifying cleanse to give your system a fresh start heading into the New Year

Cures from the Kitchen

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani, shows us how to kick-start the healing process from the inside out

100 Calorie Swap Out

Weight loss expert, Dr. Melissa Hershberg, shows us simple swaps that can cut 100 calories a day, that’s 700 per week!

Boosting Immunity with Juice

Nutritionist, Julie Daniluk, reveals the immunity enhancing properties of at home juicing with her delicious recipe

Blend Your Way to Better Health

Nutritionist, Julie Daniluk, discusses the benefits of blending for the ultimate in nutrient packed beverages

An Apple a Day

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani, shows how to make the most of apple season with multiple ways to harvest their health benefits

Skinny Apple Cake

Daphne Oz discusses her new life milestone and shares the recipe for her guilt-free holiday dessert

Top 5 Diet & Exercise Mistakes

Celebrity fitness trainer, Jim Karas, reveals the five diet and exercise mistakes people make that prevent us from losing weight