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Eating Healthy & Dieting
Healthy recipes, meal plans and diet tips for a healthy lifestyle and weight loss

Open Up Your Taste Buds

Julie Daniluk shares why eating a selective diet can be damaging to your health, and offers tips to add more variety to your meals

Healthy Meal Swaps

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani, tells us why we may not be choosing the most beneficial foods for our bodies

Dr. Melissa Hershberg Talks about Healthy Weight in Kids

Dr. Melissa Hershberg breaks down the myths around childhood obesity and talks about healthy weight in kids

How to Raise Healthy Eaters for Life

Alyson Shafer teaches how to enforce healthy eating habits for kids, from birth to the teenage years

Miranda Malisani Reveals the Top Bad Diet Habits

Nutritionist Miranda Malisani shares how to fix bad diet habits and shares her 'Banana Pumpkin Butter Mini Muffins' recipe

Enjoy 'Bad' Foods in a Better Way

Nutritionist Joy Bauer chats about why it’s okay to embrace some of the “bad” food habits we’ve been told to avoid

Dr. Natasha Turner’s Prescription for Fat Loss

Dr. Natasha Turner shares her pro tips for busting belly fat and reveals how stress and lack of sleep affect the waistline

Michelle Crispe’s Fitness and Weight Loss Plan

Michelle Crispe outlines her belly fat plan for one viewer battling injury and trying to lose weight

How to Decode Misleading Food Labels

Miranda Malisani clears up common misconceptions about food labels

Late-Night Snacks that Won't Keep You up All Night

Nutritionist Julie Daniluk shares healthy late-night snack recipes that won’t keep you up all night long

Rodney Bowers' Weight Loss Journey

One of our most loved experts, Chef Rodney Bowers, shares a very personal story of weight loss

Chef Rodney Bowers Weighs In

Chef Rodney Bowers weighs in as he kicks off his weight loss journey

The Hubby Diet

Nutritionist Miranda Malisani reveals The Hubby Diet and shares tips for getting your guy healthy and in shape

'The Hubby Diet' Reveal

Miranda Malisani's husband is here to reveal his results from ‘The Hubby Diet’

Tropical Dream Vegan Cheese Cake and Kumquat Marmalade

Nutritionist and author Julie Daniluk shares two recipes inspired by her recent trip to Hawaii

Healthy Dessert Alternatives with Donovan Green

Dr. Oz’s personal trainer Donovan Green shares some healthy dessert alternatives

Hottest Wellness Trends

Natasha Turner reveals the seven hottest wellness trends to keep you healthy in 2016

Weight Loss Reality Check

Dr. Melissa Hershberg talks about how to break the sugar addiction and makes diet recommendations to one viewer

Reverse the Signs of Aging

Nigma Talib talks about gut health and its relationship to your skin and aging

Peruvian-Style Sautéed Shrimp

MasterChef finalist Alejandra Schrader shares how healthy doesn’t have to mean bland with a dish that’s full of flavour

Best Fitness Foods

Nutritionist Miranda Malisani shares the best fitness foods to help you get into shape faster

Tea-Tox Recipes

Nutritionist Julie Daniluk shows us how to detox with tea

The No-Snack Diet

Jim Karas talks about how to achieve optimal weight loss with three meals a day

How to Power Through Your New Diet

Sports Nutritionist, Melissa Hartwig, helps us power through the "hangover” stage of our new diets

Party Treats By The Numbers

Melissa Hershberg talks about how much sugar, salt and fat you should be eating

Cleansing Smoothies

Nutritionist, Julie Daniluk, shares four great smoothie recipes to help handle the holidays from detoxing to boosting energy

Cleansing Smoothies

Nutritionist, Julie Daniluk, shares four great smoothie recipes to help handle the holidays from detoxing to boosting energy

Hinder Winter Hibernation

Nutritionist, Julie Daniluk, reveals which foods are secretly making you tired and what to reach for when you need an energy boost

“Eat Yourself Young”

‘Eat Yourself Young’ author, Elizabeth Peyton-Jones, tells which foods are aging us, and what we can do about it

Super Foods Super Quiz

Nutritionist, Julie Daniluk, tests two audience members on which foods are the healthier options