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Innovative Medical Tests That You Definitely Want To Know About

Dr. Scott Gledhill from Medcan talks about Canadian medical innovations. These devices are going to revolutionize medical treatments as we know them!
  • Developed a device called MyndMove
  • This arose through research and experimentation at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and the University of Toronto, lead by Dr Milos Popovic
  • It is designed to help patients with paralysis after stroke, head injury and some spinal cord trauma regain functional movement of their upper limbs. 
  • The goal is to regain functional tasks such as reach, grasp, and hold, thus allowing patients to perform tasks such as dressing, eating and bathing independently.  It has also been successful at reducing pain and spasm associated with these neurologic conditions.
  • It works by externally stimulating the intended muscle groups while the patient focuses on the particular movement.  Pairing these activities together will amplify the brains natural plasticity, and allow alternative conduction pathways to develop, resulting in significantly improved functional movements.  
  • This technology is now commercially available in Canada, and is used in conjunction with a professional therapist.
  • The hope is that this technology will eventually be applicable to other neurological conditions and assist in the rehabilitation of lower limbs too.
Eve Medical
  • Developed Eve Kit, the brain child of Jessica Ching
  • The idea occurred to her while visiting with friends and lamenting the need for a PAP test, an invasive physician assisted test to screen for cervical cancer.
  • The intention was to create an alternative to the PAP test by developing a reliable self-administered test that could be performed at home.
  • Eve Medical developed a user friendly swab that can reliably detect the presence of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).  This virus can potentially cause cervical cancer.  More importantly, we know that without this virus, women do not develop cervical cancer, so it’s valuable to know that you don’t have it.
  • In the near future, this same test will likely be able to screen for chlamydia, gonorrhea and trichamonas too. 
  • The test can be mailed to the patient upon request, administered in 5 min, and mailed back to the lab for analysis.  Results are available in several days.
  • Of women aged 25-50, approximately 20% will have a positive test, confirming the presence of a high risk strain of HPV.  These individuals will still require a PAP test,  However, 80% of women may be able to safely avoid this uncomfortable test on a regular basis.
  • This shift in Cervical Cancer screening to include HPV and self-administered testing has already been implemented in the health policy of some European countries, but has not been adopted in Canada yet.
  • The kit will likely be available in the fall of this year.
  • Eve Medical is planning a round of crowd funding starting today, and information can be accessed at www.evekit.com
  • Co-founded by James Fraser and Prof. Stewart Aitchison
  • Their company’s innovation is the miniaturization of a blood analyzer.
  • A blood analyzer is an excessively complex machine that currently fills a medium sized closet and requires considerable expertise to operate.  Chipcare has reduced it to a handheld device slightly larger than a cell phone, that anyone can use. 
  • Unlike traditional blood analyzers that require several vials of blood to be removed by needle, this one requires only a small drop of blood, similar to testing sugar levels in Diabetes.
  • Within several years, they anticipate this device will be capable of preforming many if not all of the same blood tests that are currently preformed in a large commercial laboratories.
  • Currently, they are focusing on HIV.
  • It is nearly impossible to test for HIV in remote areas of countries such as Africa and Asia, where the majority of new HIV infections occur.
  • With this device, health care workers will be able to travel to remote locations with limited access to health services and accurately diagnose HIV infection in just minutes.  This will lead to improved access to treatment, which will in turn reduce the spread of disease, and ultimately lead to the control of HIV.
Cloud DX
  • Team led by Robert Kaul and Sonny Kohl to develop the “Vitaliti Tricorder”
  • They are one of 6 finalists from a field of 330 teams in an international contest to develop a real-life version of the diagnostic device popularized by Dr. Leonard McCoy in the TV series “Star Trek.” 
  • They've combined five medical devices with an intelligent software platform: A wearable vital signs monitor, heart monitor, an otoscope for assessing the ear, a spirometer for assessing lung function, and a diagnostic system that can analyze blood and saliva. 
  • By compiling the information from these devices, the intelligent software can distinguish between many different respiratory illnesses, such as bronchitis, pneumonia and tuberculosis, and Mono. 
  • In order to win the competition, the device must be proven to make accurate diagnosis, and be easy to use by anyone without medical training.
  • The next round of judging is this August, and they expect the device to come to market in early 2017.

You can find more Canadian medical innovation at RESI on MaRS 2016, June 23 at MaRS Discovery District in downtown Toronto: The Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Conference at MaRS is Canada’s largest health startup forum featuring hundreds of international investors and leading health startups showcasing their innovations. Learn more: MaRS Discovery District

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