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Tue 23 Easy, distressing techniques to give your space a chic & relaxed vibe
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1. Warm up with 20 to 30 minutes of your favorite cardio (walking, cycling, elliptical training and dancing are good examples).

2. Set an intention. Consider something like this: "I am letting go of what is no longer serving me" or "I am loving my already perfect body."

3. Follow this yoga routine. These are must-do poses for detoxification. Twists literally wring out the toxins from the body, while balance poses like Boat connect you with your core, the additional abdominal work from the V-ups target and activate the midsection.  

A note about twists:  

Twists aid in digestion and are detoxification poses. Twists massage the internal organs, like your liver, kidneys and spleen, improving your body's ability to cleanse and detoxify. Your body is constantly eliminating toxins through your exhales and other bodily functions. Sweating is a great way to eliminate toxins through your pores.

You are not toxic. Your body is constantly bringing you back into balance, but it's nice to remember we can use the physical body as a pump by cutting off blood flow and then releasing to flood the same area with blood, oxygen and nutrients.

To aid the detoxification process, it's helpful to eliminate processed foods and sugars. Other just as important things to detoxify: negative self-talk and outdated habits.

When experiencing back issues, you may want to avoid twists. So consult your professional helpers. A note about all twists, before the act of twisting, elongate your spine. The elongation occurs on an inhale just prior to the exhale and twist. Imagine yourself wringing out what you no longer need.

Chair and Chair Twist
With your feet together, bend both knees and sit your hips back into an imaginary chair.

Extend your arms up toward the ceiling, tuck your tailbone slightly and use your core to lift your body away from the thighs (image above left).

Bring your palms to a prayer position and hook the left elbow on the right knee.

Press your palms together.

Look up toward the ceiling (see image above right)

Twisted Lunge

Step your right foot forward between your hands and come up onto the toe of your left foot as you press your heel back.

Try to straighten the left leg.

Bring your left hand to the floor on the inside of your right foot.

Twist your right arm up toward the ceiling and look up (see image above).

Make sure your arm is extending out from the base of your spine through the crown of your head.


Balance on your sit bones and extend your legs upward and your arms out in front of you, parallel to the floor.

If it is too challenging to keep your legs straight or if you have a lower back issue, you can bend the knees (see image above).  

V  Sit-ups

From boat, cross your arms over your chest and slowly lower down, using your abdominal strength (see top image).

Hover with your feet and shoulders a couple of inches away from the floor.

Then extend your arms and use your core to bring you back up to boat (see bottom image).  

Seated Twist

Bend your left knee on the floor in front of you.

Cross your right leg over to bring your right foot to the outside of the left knee.

Hook your left elbow on the outside of the right knee and press your right hand into the floor near the base of your spine (see image above).

Inhale as you extend your spine up, then exhale as you twist back

Reclining Twist

Lying down on the floor, extend your arms out to the sides and bring your right foot on top of the left thigh.

Slowly lower the right knee toward the left and look over your right shoulder. Relax into this twist (see image above).

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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Tue 23 Easy, distressing techniques to give your space a chic & relaxed vibe
Wed 24 The latest products to help keep you safe at home