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Three Simple Steps To Weight-loss Success

Now that the holidays are over, we're all trying to shed those pounds for 2017.  Lorna Vanderhaege is sharing her best tips for helping us reboot our weight-loss efforts, and slim down faster.
Before any weight-loss journey you decide to go on, always consult your doctor.

  • Foods that help us burn fat.
    We know we have to eat a healthy diet but we are often confused what that is for weight loss. To jump start your fat burning furnace you should eat protein. Eating a pure protein breakfast like an egg or a chicken breast or protein powder will increase how your body burns fat by 35% and that increased fat burning with last more than 3 hours.  Protein powders are a great way to get the protein you need in a quick convenient way. You can add protein powder to yogurt to ramp up the protein content or you can have a shake.

    Proteinsmart is a whey protein isolate shake that provides 40 grams of protein in 2 scoops but whats really exciting about this protein is that it also contains 5000mg of cla. Cla is conjugated linoleic acid a fat that burns fat.
  • Increase your water intake.
    It can be difficult to increase your water intake, especially if you are a woman.
    Try adding a product like Svetol to flavor your water and make it more appealing.
    Svetol is a product from france. Studies have shown that people who consumed the product have reduced sugar cravings  and sugar absorption, as well as weight loss.  
    Svetol comes in stick packs and there is no sugar or caffeine in the product. You add it to hot or cold water and it makes a delicious lemon lime iced tea.  
    If you have to drink water, but don’t because of the bland taste, adding a stick or two of shapesmart containing svetol will help you drink more water and help keep sugar cravings at bay. It can even help reduce sugar cravings.
  • Beating the Belly Fat Battle
    Blood sugar imbalance is at the root of the belly fat problem. When we eat food, sugar naturally goes into our blood stream. Then insulin is secreted to push the sugar into the cells where it is burned up like a furnace, but if you are 15 pound or more overweight or as we age we eat food sugar goes in the bloodstream but insulin doesn’t do its job very well. This is called insulin resistance and instead what happens is that sugar gets stored as fat mostly around the middle causing the belly fat or muffin top. You can eat well, exercise, but that belly fat still wants to stay. 
    Chirositol found in Glucosmart can help balance blood sugar and aid weight loss.  The key is to take them everyday for them to work and yes if we eat lots of veggies and healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil and coconut butter, we will be able to stay in a healthy weight range all year long.
For information on where to purchase the items Lorna featured in the video, please use her store locator

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Three Simple Steps To Weight-loss Success

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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Mon 27 Marilyn's All-Star Kitchen
Tue 28 Dutch Pancakes with Lynn Crawford