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New Fitness Products for 2015

Fitness expert, Samantha Montpetit-Huynh, shows us some new fitness equipment to help with our fitness and weight loss goals this year.

Belly Fit – Moving Women

A holistic fitness system created by mom and fitness enthusiast Alice Bracegirdle from Vancouver BC., bellyfit was created to service a woman’s needs through mind, body and spirit. Designed exclusively for the woman’s body to incorporate power and the wisdom of ancient practices towards a more balanced, joyful and inspired life. Definitely not your average “workout”.

Ugi –U Got It. Show it off!

Another great company created by Sara Shears from Vancouver, BC. This piece of equipment is a modern twist on the old school medicine ball. It’s used for strength, cardio and core stability. It’s unique in that it comes in 4 different weights of 6, 8, 10 and 12 pounds, but it’s also squishy to allow for better gripping so you can kneel or stand on it.

Exercise examples:
  • Walk around seated squat
  • Kneeling single leg extensions
  • Side plank

Goji Play

Transform any piece of cardio equipment into an interactive game machine. The Goji Play comes with a pair of controllers that can either attach onto a piece of equipment or hold in your hands. There is also a clip-on activity sensor that tracks your fitness metrics in real time. There is a large library of games and apps to choose from and the list keeps growing. They are even customizing their programs for health clubs and gyms – coming soon! The idea is, while we love playing games, most don’t “love” working out. All you need is a mobile device and a piece of equipment to make 30 minutes of exercise feel like 10!

The AB Tank
After Baby Tank from Bellies Inc., Core Confidence for Motherhood

The ultimate holistic abdominal recovery system for new moms!
Designed specifically for pregnant women to take to the hospital with them and wear for the first 8 weeks post-delivery to treat Diastasis Recti (a.k.a. ‘Mummy Tummy’). Research shows that any self-healing that happens with abdominals in the first eight weeks after birth, therefore it makes sense to take advantage of this healing time with proper support.
  • Fits under the bust to support breastfeeding in any nursing lingerie
  • The tank is made of a light, silky compression fabric
  • The wrap is designed with four arms of breathable elastic to accommodate long or short torsos while also allowing mom to place the wraps where she needs the most support; pelvis and/or abdomen
  • Comfort lumbar pad to provide support to the low back
The AB Tank and Core Confidence program is the ultimate postpartum healing tool for new moms - mummy tummy doesn't stand a chance!

Up Move Tracker

The latest in activity trackers can be clipped on almost anywhere!! Designed to be worn all day, every day so you can track everything you do from exercise to food and even how long (and the quality) of your sleep. This tracker counts steps; calories burned and also can be transferred onto a wrist band to be worn at night. You can set up goals as well as challenge friends
because everyone can agree that accountability and some friendly competition always helps!

Power Beats by Dr. Dre.

Probably the coolest ear buds to come on the market. Have an ear wrap around to stay put – this is great for high impact activity and small ears! Bluetooth technology works up to 30 feet from the source and has a six hour re-chargeable battery. Take hands free calls and adjust music with RemoteTalk controls. Sweat and water resistant with the most awesome sound you can only get from Beats.

Aria Wifi Smart Scale by Fitbit

A wireless scale that syncs with your Fitbit to track your weight, body fat and BMI. It calculates body mass based on weight and sends a gentle signal through your body to measure overall body composition. Although weight is important, it’s also important not to become obsessed with the scale. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat and takes up less space so as long as you are within healthy weight limits, more focus on body fat and how your clothing fits is a better goal.

*Warning: Not to be used with a pacemaker, internal medical device or if pregnant.

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Mon 29 Jamie Oliver’s one-pot wonder
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