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Childhood Obesity Q & A

I have a four year old that does not eat meat or most proteins and has a very poor appetite. What type of supplement would you suggest?

Miranda Malisani:

Make food fun for kids! Talk and communicate with them say “ok you don’t like this but that doesn’t mean you aren’t always going to like.” Don’t just give up on it and keep introducing it back into their diets because it can change. 

There are a lot of great protein powders out there. You can start making smoothies if you are really concerned about protein. You can also hide some great protein in kid’s foods too – chia seeds or hemp seed. However, I think it’s important that you don’t lock them into that place where they are picky eaters, where they don’t eat enough because they identify themselves as a picky eater.
If you choose to use protein powders watch out for the sugars. Try to find one this is as natural as possible. You want to find one that has Stevia in it or a natural sweetener in it. Get it at a health food store or talk to a health food practitioner to point you in the right direction.
I take care of a Child who is obese, what can I do to encourage physical activity and healthy eating while he is at my house?

Joe Rich:

Encourage physical activity and healthy eating. In the province of Ontario there is actually a 1-800 number you can call for free and speak to a nutritionist. But the most important think to do is stop talking and start doing.
You can call 1-800-387-5559, Telehealth Ontario, and they will give you confidential advice about any health-related concerns you have including nutrition and healthy lifestyles.
I have a son at the other end of the spectrum who is desperately trying to gain weight but can’t. What can I do?
Dr Marla Shapiro:

Work with a nutritionist and what we’ll talk about is layering their food and portion control.  We’ll encourage them to make calorie rich and nutritional rich choices, things that are calorie dense and nutritionally dense, whereas, an obese child would make food choices that are nutritionally dense but low in calories.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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Childhood Obesity Q & A