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Senior medical consultant for Medcan clinic, Dr. Scott Gledhill, discusses the brain – gut connection.
What's new with the brain - gut connection? 
  • Concept actually been around for about a 100 years
  • What’s new is the understanding of how the two are intimately connected
  • Functions independently as a processing centre
  • We have know for many years that the gut contains a huge amount of brain like tissue – similar to the size of a cats brain
  • Brain influences gut – and more startlingly vice versa – even hormones going from gut to brain influence our moods and decisions – so as we heard off the top – those gut feeling etc. 
Everyone has experienced butterflies in the tummy - but we have also get physical symptoms like constipation, diarrhea, cramps. 
  • We have this interplay going on – when we feel stressed we have message being sent down to our guts that influence what going on in the gut – might start as a cramp – that you would perceived as butterflies or it might be a reversed movement of flow – like reflux – very common symptom 
  • This interplay is happening  AT AN un-cons – you may not even beware of actually feeling stressed 
What are the consequences in the body?
  • It happens in everyone – but in some people it impedes their regular intestinal activities – throws off proper release of acid and digestive enzymes 
  • And more commonly influence peristalsis

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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