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Signs your hubby needs to see an MD with Dr. Scott Gledhill


Signs your Husband may have Cardiovascular Disease

Creases in earlobes
Our earlobes are normally and actually smooth. On rare occasion, creases might be seen, The ear lobe crease may suggest a genetic predisposition to have CAD (coronary artery disease). This can also be detected through a history of early CAD in the family. The earlobe crease is also called Frank's Sign.

A yellowish collection of fatty cholesterol around the eyelids, These tiny marks look something like chicken fat and are often seen as cosmetic issue. Men with xanthelasmata were 12 per cent more at risk than others without the condition. They are more common in women and men in their 40s and 50s.

Receding hair line
Danish researchers found that people with four signs of aging -- receding hairline at the temples, baldness at the head’s crown, earlobe crease, and yellow fatty deposits around the eyelid -- were 57% more likely to have a heart attack and 39% more likely to develop heart disease over a 35-year period. Look for receding at the temples and crown.

Pot belly
Adding a few inches to the waist increased the risk of damage in the arteries, even if body weight remained within the normal range. People with the larger waist-to-hip ratios were almost twice as likely to have calcium deposits, which indicate the onset of atherosclerosis, in the arteries of their hearts, compared to those with smaller waist-to-hip ratios. Fat that accumulates around your waist seems to be more biologically active as it secretes inflammatory proteins that contribute to atherosclerotic plaque build-up, Even a waist circumference of 32in (81.3cm) for a woman, and 37in (94cm) for a man represents a "significant" raised risk. 

Other Signs:

Skin Conditions/Changes:

With psoriasis are more likely to have heart attacks and strokes than people who don't have the skin disorder. people with severe psoriasis were 54% more likely to suffer a stroke, 21% more likely to have a heart attack, and 53% more likely to die over a 10-year period than people without the skin disorder. They were also more likely to need a procedure such as angioplasty to open up clogged heart arteries. pale gray, ashen or blue skin color are possible signs of heart diseas
(In addition to athlete’s foot, men often suffer with Tinea versicolor (also known as Dermatomycosis furfuracea, Pityriasis versicolor, and Tinea flava) is a condition characterized by a rash on the trunk and proximal extremities.

Sleep Apnea:
Apnea is characterized by short episodes in which the patient's upper airway narrows or closes, reducing the flow of oxygen to the body and brain

The evidence is very strong for the relationship between sleep apnea and hypertension and cardiovascular disease generally. One in five adults suffers from at least mild sleep apnea, and it afflicts more men than women.

Prostate Cancer


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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Tue 17 How to make your own natural skincare products
Wed 18 Melissa Hartwig shares a healthy dinner to lunch recipe