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Q: When dealing with belly fat how much is diet and how much is exercise?

A, Jim Karas
75% diet, 25% exercise and that exercise is strength training. I say this all the time you cannot out exercise a bad diet. You must make the diet three quarters of the issue, but if you don’t strength train when you’re losing weight you are going to lose muscle and you’re going to diminish you metabolism.

Q: I am 50 years old and I am going through menopause. I am very active and eat well, but I am still gaining a lot of weight on my belly. What should I be eating to reduce my menopausal belly fat?

A, Juile Daniluk: As the production of estrogen slows down your fat cells take over.  Look at is your thyroid,  even if your T.S.H (blood test) levels come back normal, know that it could be suboptimal and it’s not functioning at its best.  Food suggestion: seaweed because it provides so much iodine and that is the backbone that we really require to make our thyroid hormones.

A, Melissa Hershberg: I would also look at your other hormone levels. Ask about hormone replacement therapy if you are suffering for a lot of negative consequences of menopause.

Closing Statements on Beating Belly Fat

Melissa Hershberg

Portions, you could be doing everything right, you could be eating healthy and exercising right but if you’re eating too much you are not going to lose the belly fat. Calories intake matters.

Julie Daniluk

Get enough B vitamins and those leafy greens because vitamins B spin those calories into energy. Vitamin B6 is critical for blood sugar balance and estrogen balance, which is what it’s all about.

Jim Karas

Ten minute in the morning no electronics.  Lie in your bed for ten minutes and deep breath. Inhale through your nose for six counts, pause and exhale in through your month. Let’s start the day with a nice slow trajectory and let’s deal with all the consequences rather than starting with the frenzy when the alarm goes off and your stress levels shoot up.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

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