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Suzanne Somers, Natasha Turner and Miranda Malisani answer audience questions about hormones.


What is the latest research regarding bio-identical hormones? And why aren’t they more widely available?


It’s because it wasn’t taught in medical school unless they specialized in to. To find the perfect balance hormones when you start to deplete to restore yourself verses deterioration. The challenge is to find a doctor that does it like a naturopathic doctor or a compounding pharmacy. Visit www.foreverhealth.com

To go to a doctor who gives you the menopause cocktail (anti-depressants, sleeping, anti-anxiety or blood pressure pills) that degrades us, which is why we lose our ability to think clearly as we age, because many of the drugs that are given to us are unnatural ways to solve problems.

I’m having an oopherectomy this month due to history of Breast Cancer and BRCA1 gene, can’t have HRT. Thoughts?


Harvard just concluded that if you give a man with active prostate cancer testosterone that the cancer regresses. What they are doing to men, removing the prostate and giving them a shot that feminizes them and puts them into menopause is equal to the horrors that they are putting women through. It’s important to educate yourself; no one will care about more than you do. It’s your choice don’t settle for less, pay attention to what you eat, balance your hormones, clean your house from toxin, get plenty of sleep and manage your stress and you’ll have a great life.


You can change your hormonal state by your very next meal.

I hear that menopausal women can be sensitive to high glycemic foods? Is this true?


Yes it is. Anytime there is a hormonal imbalance they are going to be more sensitive when it comes to high blood sugar. High glycemic food is going to send your blood sugars through it peeks and values. Remove processed and white food and go for the stuff that has nutrients like whole foods, anti-oxidants


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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


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