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Simple exercises with everyday household items

Resident fitness contributor Brent Bishop reveals simple exercises using everyday household items, such as soup cans and towels, for a no-excuse workout guaranteed to keep you toned.


Marilyn Denis Show – HouseFit Program

HOUSEFIT PROGRAM – get buff with house stuff! 
Program Length: 6 weeks 
Workout Duration: 25-30min/workout
Frequency: 3-4 days/week
Result: Tone your body without leaving the house!
Created by: iambishop.com
Get your personalized program: ThinkFitnessStudios.com 
Fit Cloth or hand towel
2 Chairs
2 Soup Cans
2x 2-4L Jug of milk or detergent 
1 Broomstick

1. Gliding Reverse Lunge 
To be completed on hardwood or tile floor 
Start with one foot on Fit Cloth or towel and opposite foot on floor 
Slide rear foot backwards
Push off front heel and return to starting position.
Complete 10-15reps/leg
TIP: try not to pull with rear foot and keep pressure on front heel throughout.

2. Chair Push up
Position two stable chairs further than shoulder width apart.
With one hand on each chair in a kneeling position descend between chairs
Exhale and push yourself back up to start position 
Complete 15 reps.
TIP: to increase difficulty, try from a standing position.  Ensure you keep your core engaged throughout the exercise.

3. Reverse Flye
Holding two soup cans, bend parallel to ground with palms facing inward.
Elbows in a fixed but slightly bent position, raise arms towards ceiling.
Slowly return arms back to starting position.
Complete 15 reps
TIP: keep head neutral and do not elevate shoulders towards your ears.

4. Overhead Postural Squat
Stand in front of a chair with feet slightly wider than shoulder width.
Hold broomstick in wide grip position with arms straight and far back
Slowly lower your body down to chair by sinking hips back and down
From chair, push through heels driving back up to start position.
Complete 10-15reps.
TIP: Goal is to keep broomstick in line with spine while coming out of squat position without momentum or forward lean.

5. Biceps Curls 
Holding jugs by their handles standing with knees bent.
Keeping chest high and shoulders back lift jugs upward towards shoulders.
Slowly lower back to starting position.
Complete 15 reps.
TIP: Ensure elbows stay directly at your side and in line with your shoulders throughout the movement.  Rotate palms towards thighs in bottom position. 

6. Gliding Abdominal Tuck
Place hands on floor, shoulder width apart and feet on Fit Cloth or towel.
Pulling from the waist, glide the feet towards your hands while hips elevate.
Extend back out to starting position.
Complete 15reps
TIP: Ensure shoulders are directly above your hands throughout the exercise.  
To increase difficulty, try with straight knees.

7. Gliding Hamstring Curl
Lying on your back place heels on Fit Cloth or towel and toes facing up
Lift hips off the floor, tighten abs and glide the feet towards your hips
Return the feet to starting position without dropping hips.
Complete 15reps
TIP: Try to maintain hip elevation throughout reps.
REPEAT (complete 2 sets of this 7 exercise sequence)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


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Tue 23 Easy, distressing techniques to give your space a chic & relaxed vibe
Wed 24 The latest products to help keep you safe at home