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Cure Common Health Problems

Pharmacist Sherry Torkos chats about the 5 most common health issues and how to cure them naturally. Sherry has more natural solutions in her book THE CANADIAN ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF NATURAL MEDICINE.  
One of the most common health conditions, stress has far-reaching effects on one’s physical and emotional health, increasing the risk of heart disease and causing memory loss, depression, hormonal imbalances, headaches, muscle tension, weakened immune system and the list goes on.
  • Relaxation strategies such as deep breathing and meditation
  • B-complex to support the nervous system
  • Look for supplements that contain Suntheanine, an amino acid that promotes calming and relaxation and improves sleep quality without causing next day drowsiness; it is non-addictive. Examples: “Mental Calmness” by Natural factors, “StressAssist” by futurebiotics and “L-theanine” by Enzymatic Therapy.
High Blood Pressure
A significant risk factor for heart attack and stroke, yet many people do not have any symptoms even with their BP is significantly high. This is why regular screening is critical. High BP causes excessive force on the blood vessel walls, causing damage to blood vessels. 
  • Coenzyme Q10 and the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oils help lower blood pressure and promote heart health. Look for a product that contains both of these important nutrients such as “Heart Health” by femMED
  • Polyphenols, which are antioxidant rich compounds found in grape seed extract, can help lower blood pressure by relaxing (opening) up blood vessels and improving blood vessel flexibility. Research conducted at UC Davis with a patented form of grape seed extract called MegaNatural BP found that the supplement can effectively lower blood pressure and reduce atherosclerosis. Examples: “Blood Pressure Take Care” by New Chapter, “pressure balance” by futurebiotics, “Blood Pressure Health” by NOW foods. 
High Cholesterol
Elevated cholesterol clogs the artery walls in the brain and heart and increases the risk of stroke and heart attack. Like high BP, there are often no warning signs. For some people the first indication that something is wrong is a heart attack or stroke.
  • Eat foods high in soluble fibre, such as oat bran; get regular exercise
  • Add Malaysian palm fruit oil to your diet. Malaysian palm oil has a unique fatty acid profile and is rich in carotenoids and tocotrienols that offer a range of benefits for the heart and brain (reduce damage from stroke). Research suggests that consuming palm fruit oil in place of other unhealthy oils can help raise HDL (good) cholesterol while also lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol. Dr Oz recently included palm oil in his 13 miracle cures for 2013. Palm fruit oil is relatively solid at room temp (without hydrogenation). It has a high smoke point so it is ideally suited for cooking. Examples: Carotina Cooking Oil. Palm fruit oil is also found in various health bars (Luna, Cliff and Balance) Nutella spread and Odwalla Soy Milk.
Bladder (urinary tract) infections 
Bladder infections are the second most common infection in women and a leading cause of lost work days. Plus they are downright uncomfortable. Over 90% of UTIs are caused by the bacteria E. Coli.
  • Cranberry contains compounds called proanthocyanidins that change the structure of the E. Coli bacteria so that they cannot adhere to the bladder wall. Numerous studies have validated the benefits of cranberry for preventing UTIs. A drawback of cranberry juice however is that it contains a high amount of sugar. Clinical studies conducted with a concentrated cranberry product called CranMax have found that it can effectively prevent urinary tract infections, with results comparable to prescription antibiotics. Examples: “Cran-Max” by Swiss Herbal and “Cranberry Complex” by Jamieson Laboratories.
Cold Sores
Cold sores are caused by infection with the herpes simplex type 1 virus. Once infected with this virus it lays dormant in your nerve cells and can be reactivated when the immune system is weakened. About 80% of adult carry this virus and 20 to 40% of people get frequent outbreaks.
  • Keep the lips hydrated and protected with lip balm.
  • Avoid foods high in arginine (chocolate, nuts, oysters, crab and wheat), which allow the virus to thrive.
  • Propolis, a sticky resin that bees collect from trees, has antiviral, antibacterial, anti- fungal, and anaesthetic properties. Propolis interferes with viral replication, helps prevent spread of infection, reduces inflammation, and it stimulates regeneration of connective tissue to accelerate healing. Studies show that topical creams containing a patented and purified form, called Propolis ACF which is found in COLDSORE-FX, can shorten the duration of an outbreak by about four days and also reduce pain. This product is best used at the first sign of an outbreak (tingle), but it still offers benefits at any point in an outbreak. 
Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and is also known as degenerative joint disease because it is caused by excessive wear/tear and breakdown of the cartilage in the joint, leading to pain, inflammation and loss of flexibility and mobility. 
  • Most people have heard about the benefits of glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health, but there are newer products available that offer significant advantages. NEM (Natural Eggshell Membrane) is one such product. NEM is made by a patented process from the membranes of egg shells, and it provides naturally occurring glycosaminoglycans, including chondroitin and hyaluronic acid, collagen and other beneficial proteins. One major advantage of this new product is that it provides benefits in 7 to 10 days, reducing joint pain and stiffness and improving joint flexibility. NEM is easy to take: 1 capsule daily. Examples: “NEM” by Natural Factors, “NEM” by New Roots Herbal and “fast joint+ care” by Genuine Health. 

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