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Does your workout routine need a tune up? Below are some tips and exercises from Brent Bishop to give your fitness regime a boost.

Fitness Tune up – Get a Better Workout Routine

Be aware of the plateau:

  • Results come to a halt
  • Workout becomes monotonous or predictable

4-Step Solution:

1. Complete a full fitness evaluation to set new and current benchmarks
2. Program design based on your goals, interests and limitations
3. Substitute previously lower, longer duration exercise (like walking) with higher intensity exercises (like jogging or intervals)
4. Implement full body strength training to boost your metabolism

Additional Program Suggestions:

1. Invest in a heart rate monitor to maximize your efforts
2. Try implementing one new class, exercise, or routine monthly for variety
3. Grab a partner to make your routine fun and to avoid boredom
4. Use a fitness log to track your progression and hold yourself accountable

Tune up Exercise Suggestions:

Glute activation with mini-band
Good for: hip stability and injury prevention

  • Place mini-band around both ankles with feet straight ahead and shoulder
  • Sink into a partial squat with weight on the heels and feet shoulder width apart
  • Keeping core tight begin to walk side ways with hips as still as possible
  • Complete 15-20 steps then repeat in the opposite direction

Partner trunk rotation
Good for: Someone who gets bored while working out

  • Stand side by side with partner, each hold one handle of resistance band with both hands. 
  • Engage core, keep hips facing forward and twist away from each other.
  • Repeat 15-20reps then turn the opposite direction

Lunge, press and rotate
Good for: Functional strength and increasing metabolism

  • Hold dumbbells in hands at shoulder level, palms forward
  • Step into lunge position with right leg then press weights overhead
  • Lower weights to shoulders (remain in lunge) and rotate body in the direction of your forward (right) leg. Ensure you turn from the torso while keeping posture tall.
  • Rotate body back to forward position and push out of lunge to standing position
  • Complete 10-15 reps on both sides

Frog Plank
Good for: Tackling core

  • Start in plank position on forearms and toes with a towel under right foot. 
  • Slide right knee towards right elbow without lifting hips
  • Return back to original position and repeat
  • Complete 10-15 reps on each side

Friday, January 20, 2012

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