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Spring allergy survival guide

What you can do to make the season of the allergy easier with Bryce Wylde.


Allergies are due to a confused immune system. What most allergy sufferers want to do is BALANCE the immune system. 
Remedies and Prevention:
Remove clothing as soon as you come home and take a shower to wash off the pollen
Put pillows in the dryer on high heat for 15 minutes  
Instead of needles, try sublingual allergy treatment 
Petroleum jelly - Apply a thin coating of petroleum jelly around the entrance to each nostril
Irrigate your nostrils using a Neti Pot (T Zone health) 
Keep the humidity in your house below 50% to help prevent mites.
Vacuum and mop regularly.
Choose chemical-free bedding.
Cover your mattress and pillows with hypoallergenic coverings.
Wash linens weekly in hot water.
Replace heating filters regularly.
Use natural cleaning products.
Use natural cosmetics, soaps, and shampoos
Limit pet access to sleeping areas.
Sneeze-stopping supplements: 

Probiotic supplements keep a healthy dose of good bacteria in the gut, which improves digestion.   They may help control food allergies by aiding the intestinal tract in controlling the absorption of               food allergens and by changing immune-system responses to foods.
Vitamin C and flavonoids including quercetin can exert natural antihistamine effects and, therefore,   may help ease allergic reactions caused by the release of histamine.

Did you know? 

People who are allergic to some types of trees may need to pay close attention when eating: almonds, apples, cherries, hazel nuts, peaches, pears, strawberry, raspberry, and even celery & parsley or almonds, apples, apricots, bananas, cherries, nectarines, peaches, pears, plums, soy, and even avocados, carrots and wheat.
(Note: stewing/baking fruits and steaming/cooking veggies often helps, but not always depending on your allergy)
If you have an allergy to Ragweed then you should avoid: echinacea, chamomile (tea) dandelion greens and artichokes.
Check this site for current pollen counts: 


Neti Pot Provided by www.purelement.ca


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Mon 27 Marilyn's All-Star Kitchen
Tue 28 Dutch Pancakes with Lynn Crawford