Curly, Grey, Frizzy? How To Highlight Your Hair’s Natural Qualities

Many of us struggle with the way that we look. We often want what we can't have, and that includes out hair. Stylist Ray Civello is here to help three beautiful women embrace their natural hair, something that they are not confident in. 

She has naturally straight hair, which she feels she has to wear up all of the time. She is hoping to attain a look so that she can loose the ponytail and try out something new! 

Her curly hair is getting thin and dry. She's not sure what to do so that she has the confidence to wear it down. That way she'll be able to show off the beautiful curls that she already has! 

She doesn't know how to style her hair. She claims that her hair is 'hippy-ish' and often wears it in braids. She wants to learn how to wear her hair a new way, where she can embrace the natural look and texture.