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Spruced Up Hairstyles

Hairstylist, Cindy Duplantis, helps four women restyle their hair for a hot new look

Makeup Mishaps with Household Solutions

Beauty expert, Chantel Guertin, shares her quick fixes for beauty blunders

Hairstyles for Spring

Beauty expert, Jill Dunn, breaks down how to create this season’s hottest looks

Age Defying Beauty Buys

Beauty expert, Jill Dunn, reveals what products will turn back the clock

Hair Treatments Gone Wrong

Hairstylist, Cindy Duplantis, straightens out three viewers’ home hair remedies that went awry

Problematic to Perfect Hair

Hairstylist, Ray Civello, helps three viewers tame their troublesome tresses

Holiday Hair Survival Guide

Celebrity stylist, Gretta Monahan, shows us how to get a full weekend of looks out of one blowout

Three Hairstyles, One Tool

Beauty expert, Jill Dunn, demonstrates how to get hot holiday hair using only a blow dryer

Skin Care Quick Fixes

Makeup artist, Eden Bluestein, reveals fast fixes for boosting four common complexion complaints

Going Short for a Good Cause

Hairstylist, Tristin Morrison, lops off one viewer’s ponytail to donate to charity

Mini Makeovers in Minutes

Three audience members get live updates to their hair and makeup

Five Minutes to Fab

“What Not to Wear” hairstylist, Ted Gibson, demonstrates how to create a polished ‘do before running out the door

Your Style Entourage

Our expert panel answer your questions on everything from hair to heels

Girl on the Go Hair

Hairstylist, Ray Civello shares the tricks to getting gorgeous hair in minutes

Tool Free Hairstyles

Hairstylist, Loriebelle breaks down the steps to creating stunning styles with just the basics