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Hair Colour Makeover

Hairstylist, Cindy Duplantis, gives three women drastic hair colour changes

Marilyn’s Hair Promise

Marilyn promised two women in the audience hair makeovers by hair stylist, Aaron O’Bryan, and now they're ready for the big reveal

Bold Bang Transformation

Hairstylist, Brittany Silla, gives three women bang makeovers that flatter their features

Mega Makeover Street Ambush

Marilyn’s team of stylists takes on Toronto, ambushing six women with hair and beauty makeovers

Age Defying Makeover

Makeup artist, Eden Bluestein, and hairstylist, Ray Civello, show three women how to feel beautiful at any age

One Hairstyle, Two Ways

Hairstylist, Cindy Duplantis, transforms one basic hairstyle into something completely new

International Beauty Secrets

Beauty expert, Chantel Guertin, showcases DIY beauty tips and tricks from around the world

Hair Repair 101

Hair expert, Aaron O’Bryan, shows us some easy and inexpensive hair remedies for fine, frizzy, and damaged hair

Fall Trend Makeovers

Hair stylist, Jami Symons, helps viewers update their hair for fall

Hair Makeover Reaveal

Hair expert, Kyan Douglas, helps three of our viewers take their hair from bland to grand

Hair Expert Search Finale

Head judge, Peter Papapetrou, announces the winner of the Marilyn Hair Expert Search!

Hair Expert Search: Makeover

Judges Peter Papapetrou, Cindy Duplantis and Ray Civello reveal the fourth and final challenge for the remaining two finalists

Chop Shop Challenge

Fashion expert, Peter Papapetrou, takes two women who wanted a drastic makeover on a shopping spree!

Chop Shop Challenge Reveal

Two ladies debut their makeover looks transformed by the hairstylists

Hair Expert Elimination: Round Four

There’s one last surprise in store for the finalists in the running to become Marilyn’s Next Hair Expert