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Going Short for a Good Cause

Hairstylist, Tristin Morrison, lops off one viewer’s ponytail to donate to charity

Hair Expert Search Finale

Head judge, Peter Papapetrou, announces the winner of the Marilyn Hair Expert Search!

Hair Expert Search: Makeover

Judges Peter Papapetrou, Cindy Duplantis and Ray Civello reveal the fourth and final challenge for the remaining two finalists

Chop Shop Challenge

Fashion expert, Peter Papapetrou, takes two women who wanted a drastic makeover on a shopping spree!

Chop Shop Challenge Reveal

Two ladies debut their makeover looks transformed by the hairstylists

Hair Expert Elimination: Round Four

There’s one last surprise in store for the finalists in the running to become Marilyn’s Next Hair Expert

Hair Expert Search: Damaged Hair

Judges Peter Papapetrou, Kyan Douglas and Gretta Monahan reveal the third challenge

Damaged Hair Challenge

The hairstylists reveal the controlled look they’ve shaped for viewers with dry, damaged hair

Hair Expert Elimination: Round Three

The judges make their decision and one stylist is sent home leaving only two remaining in the Hair Expert Search

Hair Expert Search

Meet the judges and the hair stylists in the run to be the next Marilyn Hair Expert!

Cut and Colour Challenge

The stylists get to work on their first Total Hair Overhaul Challenge

Cut and Colour Challenge Reveal

The hair stylists reveal their model’s new hair-do

Hair Expert Elimination; Round 1

The judges reveal the top stylist and one is eliminated live

Spruced Up Hairstyles

Hairstylist, Cindy Duplantis, helps four women restyle their hair for a hot new look

Makeup Mishaps with Household Solutions

Beauty expert, Chantel Guertin, shares her quick fixes for beauty blunders