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Graveyard to Garden Greatness

Chris and Diane’s garden is the laughing stock of the neighbourhood, literally. People point and laugh says Chris of when his neighbours walk by. After living in the home for close to three years the young family has spent little time on maintaining and fixing up their front yard. “It’s very green. We’re not sure what to do with colour,” explains Diane.

Enter Owen Reeves, outdoor and garden expert, who has a few concerns of his own. First, the over growth needs to be addressed, and then the weeds need removing and finally, add some life to this dull space. Chris and Diane’s garden is clearly in good hands with Owen.

Step One:
Rip everything out to start with a clean canvas to build upon.

Step Two:
Planting plenty of colour fall flowers, like the garden mum, will ensure bright blooms through the fall to keep the yard from looking dreary. Vegetables like cabbage and kale are great for cool weather as their colour intensifies when evenings get colder. Don’t forget that you should start planting for next spring right now, get your bulbs in the ground before it freezes over.

It only took Owen and the team one day to totally transform Chris and Diane’s front yard into a colourful oasis. They couldn’t have been more surprised and please with their new low maintenance yard. All it took were a few simple changes to update the space. The team moved around some hostas to hide the ugly drainage basin, switch the dark mulch for a lighter brown and planting plenty of fall flowers. “It looks so fresh,” says Diane of the yard. The colours are a much better match to the house and make the whole thing look brighter and livelier.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

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Fri 26 Beauty products that work quickly to get you ready faster